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All of these are the different forms of a sport in one way or the other. To be successful, healthy and wealthy sports are necessary as they keep us fit as a whole. Physical and mental wealth is very important to lead a happy and prosperous life. the world is full of the types of sports and one of them is football. Also known as soccer in many parts of the football is one of all the games the world is going gaga over. Not only they are crazy about playing it but also loves to watch others playing it. Not only boys but the girls also are totally a fan of the game. I started falling for the game back when I was 13. I love to watch matches oh! and FIFA is just unignorable. I am so glad that our alma mater has always provided us with the best activities and soccer was the one I used to take part in. Football connects people through their emotions. I have always seen the madness of FIFA among the people And how they devote themselves to it. They are always very excited to cheer for their favorite football star and are extremely heartbroken when they lose. And this is what makes football, not just a sport, in fact, it is a platform where one interacts with the other through opinions and emotions.

Strykz is a token for all the football lovers. The project aims at bringing the football lovers all around the world close to some real extent. The project lets everyone interact on the basis of his or her knowledge and love for the football. This token is built to make the transaction easy, private, transparent and fast for Football-Stars. Football-Stars is a cross-gaming platform that provides free play services to the users. Users can play both the season-long challenges or daily-challenges based on their own choices. The introduction of the strykz token will prove to be a motivation for the users and will expand the platform to a community-driven platform. This platform will be a strengthening force for itself as the users will get rewards for their contributions towards the success and the popularity of the platform and also for winning the challenges. The rewards will be given in the form of strykz tokens that can be converted to fiat money and can be for real life commodities. Also, the users can use this token to play more challenges and then earn more through the platform.

Football-Stars is a very interesting gaming platform that connects the millions of football lovers worldwide. It is a platform that lets the people share their knowledge with the other by providing a network for the interaction. This platform is a lot more than just a gaming platform when Strykz is added to it. The strykz motivates and encourages the people to share their interests and is given as a reward to people for their contributions. The platform is built by a team of highly qualified developers and advisors. I myself being a huge football fan is very much in favor of this project. Everyone likes to play a game but the fun and the passion gets twice when he or she earns money from it. The use of this platform is not only confined to the football lovers but it also encourages those who know a little about the game. Football is a beautiful game that connects the people omitting the boundaries between them.

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