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About SCAVO:
SCAVO Technologies is a company established in Argentina specialized in the construction of telecommunications data center infrastructure for crypto mining, using renewable resources. Formally founded on August 1, 2017 as a result of 2 years of research and development of proprietary technology that together allow the energy self-sustainability of the entire crypto mining complex.

Through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), SCAVO will build the large-scale crypto mining farm of bitcoin and altcoins, in a self-sustaining manner and put it into production according to the deadlines stipulated in the roadmap.
SCAVO Token:
The SCAVO Token is based on a smart contract on the Ethereum network. It is an ERC-20 token, the defector standard of today′s tokens.

Every obtained token permits the holder to get admission to the utilities produced based on the models of operations stipulated in the whitepaper. on this manner, the proprietor of the SCAVO Token acquires the proper to get hold of income proportionally to the quantity of token that he holds, for lifestyles. It’s miles understood as such, to the period by way of which running charges do not exceed the profits to be received.

SCAVO is accountable for finding the right place for the farm and the electricity plant, buying the hardware, supply it to the vacation spot. Construct and maintain the farm, installation their cooling device. manipulate the internet connection carrier bills in addition to to negotiate the interconnection with the present power grid of the nearby strength distribution employer on the way to inject the excess generated strength (not needed for the farm) and be able to monetize it; and of route, any malfunction or trouble that could arise at some stage in those tactics.
Tokens and ICO details

SCAVO characters are based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. The SCAVO mark guarantees to the rightholder:

1 - Get 100% of the profits from our mining operations through the following scheme.

A. 80% of the mining activity will be paid immediately.

B. 20% of mining activities will be reinvested in order to increase future payments by renewal and changes to mining equipment, which is more efficient and achieves self-help from mining.

2 - Receipt of 30% of third party service earnings provided by SCAVO Technologies.

3 - Voting rights for important business decisions.

Tokens will be offered for up to 108 days starting July 15, 2018 and ending October 31, 2018.

SCAVO ICO will be held by SCAVO Technologies. This proposal will become publicly disclosed and restrictions will apply only to residents in countries where they have to meet certain requirements in order to be selected as investors.

Issue number of heels - 200,000,000. Maximum. (Tones that are not donated will not be generated).

Token value - 100 BGN

Forms of payment received - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin-Cash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Decred, Bank transfer, Credit cards.

Minimum investment amount - US $ 25 (or equivalent amount in encryption currency)

Initial ICO - July, 2018-00: 00: 00

ICO ended on October 31, 2018-23: 59: 59

time zone ICO - GMT - 03:00 Buenos Aires)

Token Issue Date - 1 November 2018

Minimum goal - $ 500,000

Average Goal - $ 3,500,000

A maximum target of $ 83,600,000
Scavo 180,000,000 are distributed to LEXMEA owners

50% bonus 1 Scavo = 0.50 USD FROM 15.07.2018 Yes 07-20-2018 6 days

30% bonus 1 Scavo = 0.60 щ 07.21.2018 ДА 07-31-2018 11 days

25% bonus 1 Scavo = 0.70 щ 08.01.2018 КЪМ 10.08.2018 10 days

20% bonus 1 Scavo = 0.75 щ 11.11.2018 Yes 08- 20-2018 10 days

15% bonus 1 Scavo = 0.80 щ 21.08.2018 КЪМ 08.31.2018 11 days

10% bonus 1 Scavo = 0.85 щ 01.01.2018 ДА 09-15- 2018 15 days

5% of the bonus 1 = USD 0.90 Scavo -16-2018 FROM 09 TO 15 DAYS 30.09.2018

0% bonus 1 Scavo = 1.00 USD FROM 10.01.2018 TO 31.10.2018 31 DAY

Spreading of tokens

88% for

8% holders of a 2% fund

for shared prize pools and prizes

2% incentives for founders and teams

Using the results

92% -

8% hardware and power generation - administration, research and development and investment

Road map

What we will build together! With more than 10 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and completing R & D stages is different, we will build a large scale, crypto, standalone and scalable farm extraction that facilitates access to blockchain technology in ways that are predictable and friendly to the environment.
We invite everyone to participate in the acquisition of Token Scavo and join the project through our official channels. All your suggestions that will support the project will be taken into consideration.



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