This is a global and decentralized platform, it is used to manage cumulative points and loyalty programs. After analyzing a large number of loyalty programs from various points, developers did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to the user, as well as the fact that the loyalty program was not successfully implemented and increased the responsibility for the company.

Let's see how the project assesses such a system and how this project differs from the project block platform, just as score integration. All Payperblock users can earn points or miles they have received from partner programs against Payperblock Tokens or vice versa, exchange their tokens for points in the partner program. Users can use Payperblock to buy products in the partner program. Affiliate programs will benefit from more opportunities through marketing, promotion and shopping.

Payperblock This is a platform that uses blocks to solve problems related to direct damage to users, and loyalty programs that are carried out by poor and increasing obligations for companies due to the use of too many loyalty programs. Payperblock integrates points in TOKEN SALE - (PayB) Payperblock and makes loyalty programs available to users. For the cheapest with maximum security. In addition to reliability and low transaction costs, Payperblock with block switching technology to eliminate intermediaries, users and partners with meaningful results.

Points of militia in our economic activities. According to the survey, two-thirds of America's income on average uses a point system from 29 different companies. For example, if you fly with a flying business, you can use a credit card or give points at an online store at any time. Usually, these items Receive a discount from the amount of compilation purchase we have the service from the purchase. For customers, the price is the price of the item, so you use future points as cash to buy goods from services. For business, you can increase customer loyalty rather than encourage customers to service them.

Payperblock users can easily integrate tokens and manage payperblock and points. You can use your wallet in any business worldwide. Pay-buy users can also easily use your glasses for Payperblock Tokens or symbolic Payperblock for partner points. Payperblock also includes advertising channels in the wallet that offer real-time advertising partners or discount coupons for users or partners. This allows Payperblock collaboration to win more customers and promote more loyalty programs. In addition, the user may have purchased or purchased a Pay-Paying service from a partnership.

Every company we meet launches a loyalty program with points. The market for these goods costs more than billions and grows by 6% per year. However, this means that there are many different types of accounts, because there are many companies around the world. Because of despair, customers are difficult to arrange and their glasses. Even for companies, points that are not used cause a lower-than-expected and negative loyalty program for your debt. Payperblock is a key-based decentralization decision that solves the problem of current loyalty programs with the use of glasses. Payperblock's main features include Payperblock wallets, exchanges, Payperblock promotions to feed and save. Payperblock

The Payperblock project is a calling block, which solves loyalty problems that use points. Main features of Payperblock Wallet Hasp Wallet, Exchange, Promotion from Payperblock feed storage. Payperblock

Lunch Block Payer Initial Coins Offer (ICO)

Payment Block Total 10 Billion Supply Token.5 Refer to Active Commission and Active Bouns ICO.

ICO pre-sale information
ICO Pre-Sales Starting August 6 - September 10. Pre-Sales ICO 10% Bouns Active

Main Sales of ICO Information

Main-ICO Sales From 10 September to 30 September. Three Weeks Sales - Main ICO Bouns Active.
One Week 5% Bouns
Two Weeks 3% Bouns
Thaird Week 2% Bouns
Payperblock tokens are designed as tokens, compatible with ERC20 on the Ethereum platform and using locking technology. Payperblock target groups - airlines, travel agents, market leaders, and online stores worldwide. With such advantages, Payperblock will have one billion dollars in the world after sophisticated, safe, effective locking technology.

What likens the project?

Below are the problems that investigate. Increased operating satisfaction: items that are not used as liabilities. Because fewer customers are needed, responsibility increases and they do negative consequences on the price of the bend. Low performance loyalty program: this is because of the low use of numbers, companies cannot achieve product loyalty products, as expected. low productivity, how to determine social costs for customers of the company.

The complexity of the control point: an average of 29 programs are registered, different, it is difficult to enter the checkpoint on the pointing glasses. Benefits are provided by this platform. Both users of Perusan can use the seat platform. Users can print their points against TOKEN NOTIFICATIONS (PayB) or collect your points at the point of sale. Users can access advertisements to find advertisements from companies interested in advertising.

With Payperblock with a Wallet you can manage from multiple partners at once. Companies have access to more customers, by which you can quickly sell your product to a bookmark. Change the payer company model to effectively reduce you. Partners can promote loyalty greater than the number of customers. Payperblock

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