Nowadays; crowd sales are very popular way to raise funds for startups especially blockchain projects. In 2018, startups have raised more than $18 B through token sales or ICO and it has already surpassed the total amount in 2017. These investment amounts have been raised from about 40 million cryptocurrency holders based on the facts that Ethereum is the most accepted cryptocurrency in ICOs and there is about 40 million unique address in Ethereum network. As a result; ICOs as a crowdfunding method is getting more and more popular.
Potential investors rely on many sources to gather information about ICO. Common information sources are Bitcointalk forum, ICO listing & review sites, documents of the project, blogs, events and so on. However, there is a major drawback of these sources. All of them are subjective and vulnerable to be manipulated. For example; ICO projects may make payment to ICO listing sites to place their ICO on the top or experts to review their project higher. Another significant disadvantage is that all of these sources are separate from each other. Hence; it requires substantial time to draw a comprehensive picture of an ICO.
Neironix offers a comprehensive solution for all players of cryptocurrencies market. Basically; Neironix platform aims to reduce subjective part of ratings and increase objective part by gathering dynamic data about more than 75 risk factors which are defined according to international standards and best industry practices in risk management sector.
8 Steps to draw a rating — Neironix Rating Methodology
Defining both dynamic and static risk factors (revised periodically)
Gathering huge amount of data about these risk factors and cryptocurrencies market automatically
Collecting expert data through questionnaires
Accumulating past data
Forming Neironix Sandbox consisting of several ICO projects and it is used as a benchmark for further ratings
Draw objective rating score between 0 and 100 (0 most risky, 100 most trustworthy)
Regularly updates these scores
Sending notification to users about specified projects by them
Token Sale Information
Total emission: 140,000,000 NRX (neironix token)
ICO dates: 1–30 September (35% bonus), 1–31 October (15% bonus), 1–30 November (5% bonus)
Tokens for sale: 95,200,000 NRX (68% of total emission)
Unit token price: 0,001061571 ETH
Soft cap: $1,000,000 (subject to change based on ETH/USD rate)
Hard cap: $31,000,000 (subject to change based on ETH/USD rate)

Neironix will function as a global aggregator for crypto market that will convert accumulated information into risk factors that will be used for scoring ICO and block-chain based projects. It will utilize best practices for drawing bloc-chain projects rating on the base of 75 risk assessment factors through which investors will get unbiased key investment strategies. Neironix is designed to reduce the role of experience judger and use the algorithm for assessing potential risk.

Neironix methodology is open and transparent to users and everyone is allowed to access their primary data that will build confidence and make it easy for users to take decision. Their beta version is already available where you can check out global listing of ICO, exchanges and other crypt currency related information. Their platform mobile app for android and IOS users and also for desktop they have created a chrome extension.

Token Information:
Token Symbol : NRX
Total Supply : 140 Million
Token Price : 0.00106 ETH
Token Sale : From September 1st to November 30th



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