Tourism has become a key economic sector. Tourism not only brings great income to the economy, creates jobs, develops services, infrastructure, but also promotes peace and cultural exchange. In that context, Vietnam is trying to synchronously implement many solutions to turn tourism into a spearhead economic sector of the country. Difficulties of the tourism industry
Lack of trust
There is a serious lack of confidence in the travel market. Homeowners and renters often require tenants to pay huge amounts of money in advance, but can not keep their money when deposits are made. These large deposits are the result of a lack of reliable association of market participants and a lack of reliable ratings.

No global rental housing ecosystem There is no global platform that will allow for the rental of different types of homes, transportation around the world and facilitating the creation of routes and experiences based on one's option. To hire different types of vehicles, customers have so far had to use different platforms - all while dealing with the hassle as part of the package with each platform.

Solutions for the tourism industry
Reliability and security
Blockquain technology in Mixrent solves the problem of P2P trading. The ranking and history of tenants, owners, and all vehicles are reflected in the distribution book after the completion of the transaction and can not be altered or tampered with by any user. platform ensures integrity. All data is available in the public domain and affects the rental decision. Moreover, reputation influences the number of concluding deals and is a strong motivation.

Rent once
The Mixrent platform is a single international platform for renting different types of shipping. The number of catalogs is constantly increasing so that tenants are provided with a variety of means of transport and facilities. Mixrent's unique functionality not only allows the use of multiple media, but also allows the creation of routes by mixing different types and types.

What is Mixrent?
Mixrent has rethinked the common understanding of travel. Instead of the Mixrent cars seeing the road, instead of the yacht, Mixrent saw the lagoon and instead of the plane - a sky covered with clouds.
Normally, travel begins only when arriving. But with Mixrent, it started as soon as you left home. With Mixrent, any trip becomes an adventure,
And you can enjoy every moment of travel and let the community Mixrent take care of every testimony! MIX token will be used as a mean of payment within the platform. Besides rent payments the tokens can be used to obtain discounts, bonuses, promote vehicles on the platform and acquire additional opportunities. Moreover, we will reward users who promote platform, spread information through their social networks and sites. All this will ensure a growing demand of the token.
The roadmap is coming
Q4 2018: Tokensale execution. Smart-contracts implementation on the platform, monetization setup. Launch of API and mobile apps on iOS, Android. Implementation of a payment system.

Q1 2019: Implementation of arbitrage. Office opening in the US. The development team augmentation, user ratings implementation. Addition of new types of transport.

Q2 2019: P2P lending implementation. Office opening in China. Expansion to markets of India, China, Brazil, and Australia. Multilanguage support implementation.

Q3 2019: Partnership with industry participants: tourism, airfare, rental property, organization of events. Implementation of the Mixrent widgets to partners.

Q1 2020: Expansion to markets of other countries. Launch of marketing campaigns in 120 countries of the world.

The team

Website: https://mixrent.io/
Whitepaper: https://mixrent.io/documents/wp_en.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032670
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032590
Telegram: https://t.me/mixrent
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mix.rent.team
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MixRent


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