Mitoshi is the next generation online game and cryptolottere is supported by blockchai

Mitoshi is the next generation online game and cryptolottere is supported by blockchain. By utilizing the power of smart contracts on blockchain platforms and utilizing smart contracts, Mitoshi will build the future of online lotteries that can be accessed globally in a fair, transparent and safe environment. So you can have the confidence to bet on uncompromising lottery results. The aim is to bring a truly fair, safe and transparent cryptolottery experience that is easily accessible to the global market. Imagined as a truly international cryptolottery game - it will offer images that cover the geography of Asia, North America and Europe. Mitoshi crypolotto tokens can be purchased using fiat and crypto currencies.

Lottery built on smart contracts

Mitoshi will use the blockchain platform and with a smart contract Ethereum to collect, distribute funds and pay commission for lottery sales through our referral program. With a smart contract, the winning number or lottery ticket cannot be forged. Mitoshi Cryptolotto will be a decentralized community owned by the internet community - thanks to the power of blockchain.

Global lottery

Mitoshi will have a wide range of lottery lotteries. Each lottery contains a large payment for the winners. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will have global reach, allowing anyone from all over the world to participate with a tap of a finger.


Problems and challenges in the industry not only harm the industry, but also hamper its growth. We see more pressing reasons why traditional lotteries now need to evolve.

Lack of transparency in justice
A recent study discussing exactly how the lottery can be cheated, damaged and deceived - raises questions such as the validity and "realness" of winning tickets; a fair allocation of ticket results to a collection of prizes; is the winning number drawn randomly and safely; and whether someone really won it and didn't just go to some operators. Lotteries based on smart contracts must address each and every one of these concerns.

Lack of innovation
Traditional lotteries have not shown any innovation and do not have much room for variation in game development. Mitoshi Cryptolotto will offer a fresh and winnable draw without sacrificing his honesty and entertainment value.

Regulatory setbacks
Traditional lotteries are currently blocked by regulations - from territorial boundaries that prevent viewers from other countries from participating in large jackpots from attracting taxes and surcharges. Operators that are centralized or monopolized carry regulations, including even those controlled by the state. This regulation is detrimental to the prize money that should be given to the players.

Long payment
Stretching anywhere from week to month after results, the traditional lottery has been famous for distributing prize wins very late with many verification checks on identities and tickets. This is a major inconvenience for players, and practices that should not be tolerated.

Stunted growth
Expanding the market is a tough challenge in the industry because of the difficulty in attracting new players or maintaining existing ones, which not only makes it dependent on addiction. This makes it rather disgraceful, but this also makes it more difficult to pursue and implement new sales channels.

Solution from Mitoshi

Integrate smart contracts on the blockchain platform
Blockchain technology provides several benefits to the lottery industry, making its integration not only very useful but also makes it an important step to expand the industry. Integrating blockchain technology to decentralize opportunities, making lotteries more transparent and more accessible. By utilizing the Ethereum contract, Mitoshi will build a fair, transparent and safe lottery - and can be accessed globally by those who have internet and smartphones.
In addition, decentralized technology is a way to work around regulatory policies that hinder the growth of the lotto industry while making its markets more expandable and involved. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will then be accessible anytime, anywhere with the ease of transactions provided through cryptocurrency via blockchain technology.

Mitoshi ICO Details

Token name: Mitoshi
Token Symbol: MTSH

The total number of tokens: 1,000,000,000
The total amount to be sold: 68,000,000 (68% of total issuance)
Total personal sales: US $ 20,000,000.00
Total pre-sale: US $ 20,000,000.00
Token main sales: US $ 60,000,000.00
Soft hat: US $ 10,000,000.00
Hard hat: US $ 100,000,000.00
Crypto & fiat currencies received: ETH, BTC, LTC, USD


April - June 2018
Business case formation
July-September 2018
Team formation
Sales preparation
October 2018 - January 2019
Personal sales
February 2019
Presale (30% Bonus)
Starting from Game Development
March 2019: Presale (Bonus 25%)
April 2019: Presale (20% Bonus)
May 2019: Presale (15% Bonus)
June 2019: Presale (10% Bonus)
July 2019
Presale (5% Bonus)
4 Lottery Lottery Launches
August 2019
CrowdSale Period (No Bonus)
September 2019
Exchange Listing Exchange
Release of Game Cellular Application
Launch of 3 Other Lottery Lotteries

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