Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have really and widely evolves so wide into the financial and cryptocurrency world completely. The rise of cryptocurrencies has created huge economic and investment opportunities to the world, it has also serve as an eye opener to the crypto-traders and the investors. This article is going to concentrate on localcoinSwap cryptocurrency.LocalcoinSwap(LCS) is a decentralized marketplace that allows both buyers and sellers to trade smoothly and directly with ease in any crypto currency using any means or method of payment they are comfortable with. It provides a safe ,fast and uncomplicated platform for trading and investors and it does this through the use of escrow system that solves that trust issues of online p2p trading.


The huge growth of cryptocurrency ecosystem has been fraught with friction from the banking system,hostile regulatory environment ,many conservative institutions have permenently closed down the accounts of many traders and exchange and forced the implementation of constituting verifications procedures which affects every one in the system.

The digital cryptocurrency has finely come and it is here to stay forever. LocalcoinSwap brought the most fundamentally system of asset exchange that dies not depend on mainstream institutions that is the p2p trade exchange. By introducing p2p trading strategy to the crypto market ,it will put the market back into the hands of it's users,thereby allowing them to trade directly to any cryptocurrency using their convenient method of payment. There is a gap currently going in the cryptowrld, localcoinSwap infrastructure will close this gap in the market sector not by offering p2p exchange strategy for all cryptocurrency alone but also by tokenzing ownership of the exchange itself and putting it into the hands of the users through cryptoshare system.


LocalcoinSwap is a different cryptocurrency on its own and is not like traditional ICO tokens. Cryptoshares entitle the localcoinSwap tokens holders to guaranteed right to 100% of the total profit. The cryptocurrency profit is paid to the stake holders using same cryptocurrencies which they made also allowing investors to receive a regular stream of portfolio.

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Website: http://www.localcoinswap.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.localcoinswap.com/LocalCoinSwap_whitepaper_v1.0.pdf/
Telegram: http://t.me/localcoinswap/
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