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All startups, whether a block project or any other, without exception, need advertising and promotion through any available channels - promotion in social networks (within SMM), search queries (SEO optimization), media, etc. This means that a significant part of the entire project budget, taking into account all costs for its implementation, should be allocated specifically for advertising.

But not all projects can afford to allocate a large amount for the formation of the advertising budget. And the services of advertising agencies themselves can be too expensive. As a result, the creators of startups have to independently look for cheap ways to promote their projects, which is often quite complex and inefficient.

The promotion channels available on the Internet can, on the one hand, be cheap enough, and on the other hand, inefficient and fraudulent, because they use bots to imitate promotion in social networks (winding likes, reposts, views, comments, etc.). As a result, projects allocate part of the budget to cheap advertising, which does not bring any result.

Today we will talk about the Lancer Network project , which will solve the problem of startups and permanently eliminate them from the need to find a cheap and effective way to promote and advertise their projects. The platform that will be created within its framework is designed not only for start-ups and their founders, but also for freelancers wishing to earn, and special skills for them are not always mandatory.

In this article, let's talk about what the Lancer Network idea is about, and in the next we will discuss the competitive advantages and features of the project, the role of tokens that will be sold within the ICO, and much more, which makes the Lancer Network special, highlighting among all other projects and solutions in the field of advertising and freelancing.
What is Lancer Network?
The Lancer Network project is aimed at creating a decentralized platform that will use blocking technology, Ethereum smart contracts and crypto-currencies in order to provide its users with a convenient space for freelance earnings and promotion of their projects.

Now in order. The Lancer Network solution is aimed at two main categories of users - startups, including block projects that need SMM, advertising and promotion of the marketing campaign, and freelancers, both those who have certain skills in the field of SMM and ordinary Internet -Users who want to make money on simple actions.

The project was launched in early 2017. At the moment, the creators of Lancer Network Completely formed the concept of the future platform, released an alpha and beta version of their freelance site, and now they are preparing for the LNW Token token preliminaries (Lancer NetWork token), which is scheduled to begin on July 18 this year.

The technology of blocking will be mainly used to carry out transactions to pay for the work of freelancers, and will also play a role in recording and storing information about assessments and feedback of user profiles. Thanks to this, the payment for the work of freelancers is quick and safe, and reviews and user evaluations are safely and transparently stored in the locker without the possibility of unauthorized changes.
The role of smart contracts
Smart contracts Ethereum will play a key role in ensuring reliable cooperation between the customer (the project that needs to perform certain tasks within the framework of SMM) and the executor (the freelancer who performs the task of the customer).

The scheme of their cooperation is as follows. The customer creates the task and publishes it on the platform, indicating the necessary conditions for its implementation, as well as depositing the crypto currency, which will be paid to the task executors. It can be watching or recording a video, publishing about a project in one of the social networks, reposting records, etc.

Tasks can be very simple, so any user can become a performer, special knowledge and skills are not needed. After the task is completed, the freelancer sends the corresponding report, which is checked by the customer. If everything is done correctly, the customer pays for the user's work through a smart contract.

Thus, the deposit of funds in a smart contract is a kind of guarantee for both parties. But smart contracts will not be the only feature of the Lancer Network solution, so in the next part of the review we will continue to discuss the project, so we 'll talk in more detail about its other advantages over other solutions.
Blocklet does more than access blockchains. It connects to any existing Network source, and performs both on-chain and off-chain computing. When searching for information corresponding to the requested Miners number selected in the blockchain, and each record will have information about data provider, date, Lancer Network and the use of the Miner. It change the global market of used miners by making it honest, transparent, reliable and with equal access to information for each participant, And also each user can create a card of favorite brands.

Blockchain technology allows for faster, safer, and less expensive exchange of value. Blockchain technology has just started to revolutionize financial
services and will lead to enormous efficiencies over the next ten years – blockchain has been described as the internet of money and will do to financial services was the internet did for information and commerce.
Lancer Network has developed a unique, proprietary credit scoring model based on user behavior combined with traditional and alternative credit data.

Lancer Network Open Chain Access Protocol enables your application to adapt to a variety of blockchain protocols including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and more. The Open Chain Access Protocol will be open sourced with an HTML license so that everyone in the blockchain community will be able to contribute, create extensions, and make improvements. We will develop the protocol in private mode, then open source it once we reach the release candidate milestone.

Token price: 1 LNW = $0.01
250 000 000 Tokens will be issued
Start Pre-ICO after 2 month
Softcap $ 200 000
Hardcap $ 1 500 000
Start ICO after 4 month
Softcap $ 800 000
Hardcap $ 8 000 000

Idea 2Q 2017
Market analysis 2Q 2017
3Q 2017 Concept and idea
Begin of development 4Q 2017
1Q 2018 Starting alpha
Launching ICO presale 2Q 2018
2Q 2018 Entering on exchange
Starting beta 2Q 2018
3Q 2018 Launching ICO
Improvements on working product 3Q 2018
4Q 2018 APP Roboto
developing 1Q 2019

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