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KitToken - a self-managing financial system with P2P transaction based on open source platform called KitPay
The Fever about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is an enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world.
Because of the access to the internet we are able to get information about one of the most incredible crypto-project which is known as Kit token

KitToken is a self-managing financial system with P2P transaction based on open source platform called KitPay. KitToken as “Organic Growth Profit-Sharing Utility”, is committed to develop a financial ecosystem based on blockchain
technology. KitToken utilizes value transfer protocol to achieve the transfer of payments from one person to another on peer to peer basis. It also aims at building a decentralized platform for achieving faster and quicker transaction rates. Current payment systems are having a lot of drawbacks that needs to be updated and hence KitToken make way for
innovative digital mobile payments.
KitPay works as centralized server within a decentralized blockchain infrastructure in a connected to network. KitPay will allow users to own a wallet which stores, transfer and trade KitToken in daily conventional economic activities. KitToken holders benefit from convenient utilization and appreciation of KitToken value. Ultimately, via a Point of Stake (POS) Scheme, KitToken holders receive profit sharing from KitToken business activities.


The payment processing industry is the largest target of hackers and phishers. Billions are lost each year because most of the existing financial systems are reliant on database reliant systems security that can be breached by brute force attacks. Millions of people lose money or their sensitive information is exposed to identity theft due to the inefficient system. Additionally transaction fee issue has also been looked into in facilitating the usability of secured digital payment system for the common people on the street.


KitToken seeks to provide a sustainable financial ecosystem that is based on blockchain technology. The platform will use value transfer protocols to facilitate the transfer of payments from peer-to-peer, customer-to-business and business-to-business. The ecosystem will provide the financial industry with features like:

Secure and definite environment
Connects merchants and individuals
Low fees,fast and reliable transactions
Sharing of profit among holders
Strong asset backed business activities
Self-governing technology and global remittance

Secure payment transfers – Unlike the current payment and remittance options that exist, KitToken will be more secure because it is based on blockchain technology. It will be impossible for hackers and phishers to breach the blockchain especially since it is using advanced hash functions that make it safe from Sybil and other network-based attacks. This makes any transactions secure.

Fast global transactions – Making a transfer across the globe is quite slow due to the issues of clearance and settlement of payments. KitToken will provide an alternative that makes the transfer of payments anywhere around the world happen in real-time. This will be beneficial especially for e-commerce and drop shipping transactions that rely on fast transfers.

Low transaction costs – Many of the existing payment transfer methods require high transfer fees. Most of them charge 10-20 percent in transfer costs. This is too high especially considering the unsecured nature of these transactions. KitTokens will charge a fraction of the transaction costs making it more affordable for vendors and merchants.

Sharing of profit among holders – KitToken also provides additional benefits by sharing the profits made from the transactions with token holders. Regular airdrops will be made to those holding KitTokens. This provides a passive income opportunity that requires no skills or investment.

Reputable and compliant – KitToken is a cryptocurrency that will be trading on an SEC-Compliant exchange and it is also officially registered with the Malaysian government. This gives it a legitimacy that most other cryptocurrencies do not have. It will also adhere to any new regulations by the SEC or the MAS.

KitToken developers have been working hard for the past few months to ensure that it is easy to integrate the KitToken payment system on any merchant’s e-commerce store. Additionally, mobile applications will be launched to make it easy for users who are not skilled in dealing with cryptocurrencies to make transactions easily.


Token name: KitToken
Symbol: KIT
Decimal: 18
Cost per token: $0.05
Total Supply: 8 Billion
For Reserve: 2.5 Billion
For sale: 3.5 Billion
Airdrop+Bonuses : 2 Billion

ICO and Pre-sale information
Early Bird sale event : 20th to 25th July (Bonus 70%)
26th to 31st July(Bonus 50%)
ICO sale : 1st phase -August 1st to 10th (Bonus 30%)
2nd phase-August 11th to 20th



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