Greeting to you all readers, i will be discussing about an exchange platform which connects buyers and sellers
of cryptocurrency and which anyone can trade on which is EXTRADECOIN and i will appreciate your attention in getting along till end.

Extradecoin https://extradecoin.com/# was founded with the drive to provide a quality, reliable and secure financial platform for investors. In , we want to bring you the latest innovation platform with the best UI experience on the Extradecoin platform, and at the same time build the ecosystem to maximize benefits for the community.

Extradecoin's integrated platform will provide ultra-fast processing speed, which will enable the market to get high liquidity. So, cash flow continues to be processed and no transaction is helped because of the long waiting time.
Extradecoin Exchange's distinction
Extradecoin is a trading platform that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies but does not support any fiduciary currency (for example, USD, GBP, JPY or CNY ...). At the outset, Extradecoin will accept transactions in popular currencies, namely BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC, NEO, ADA and especially ETE. The list of supported cryptocurrencies will expand.

In this platform there is a support new investors who are not familiar with cryptocurrency and to improve the efficiency of transactions, Extradecoin will launch training courses online and offline. Investors who come to Extradecoin will receive training in market knowledge, business skills and have the opportunity to meet with professional traders.

Major function of extradecoin
Extradecoin will allow investors to spot trades through limit orders and market orders, as well the company will support margin trading with high-margin companies that are integrated with the loan platform. In the near future, Extradecoin will also build decentralized exchanges. Through a decentralized platform, investors can transact cryptocurrency without restriction. Extradecoin will develop new trading models, including transactional decentralization in Blockchain to meet different investment requirements.

Cryptocurrency News Updates
The latest news on the cryptocurrency market as well as the latest breakthrough technologies will be updated in the "News" section to provide a multi-dimensional picture and detailed market information to investors.

Offline and Online Training
To support new investors who may not be familiar with cryptocurrency and to improve transaction efficiency, Extradecoin will launch Online and Offline training courses. Investors coming to Extradecoin will be trained in market knowledge, trading skills and have the opportunity to meet with professional traders.

Report analysis and evaluation
reports on the cryptocurrency market will be developed by professional analysts with knowledge of current technology and who have long-term investment experience in the market. At the same time, Extradecoin will execute a detailed review of ICO lists on the trading platform to help startup companies. It will also help identify potential ICO projects that have sufficient quality and profit potential for our customers.

24/7 customer support
To bring the best quality of service to our customers, Extradecoin will deploy multiple customer support channels that will operate 24/7 to answer questions, help new features of website features, receive user feedback, assist in handling transactional issues and notify customers if a problem occurs.

Borrow Platform
To increase profitability for investors, Extradecoin will play the role of an intermediary, in a platform that connects lenders and borrowers. Investors may have unused cash in their Extradecoin wallets so they can lend each other to earn an additional monthly income. Investors, who want to increase their capital and seek new investments, can contact Extradecoin to find suitable loans.

Margins mechanism
Investors who want to borrow money on Extradecoin need to find suitable loans based on platform rules. The requirement to borrow is that investors should at least have the least amount of coins they want to borrow. This is the margin to be used to guarantee investor loans. The borrower will be able to get a coin loan with a registered coin and, at the same time, the interest will be paid by the coin that is registered back to the lender. For example, an investor holds the ETH; they can borrow an ETH loan at ETH and pay monthly interest using ETH. Investors can borrow up to the amount they deposit, which means they will have twice the amount and investors can use all this money to trade. Every month, the investor must pay interest in accordance with the terms of the loan. Interest will be deducted directly from the borrower's account on the date of interest payment. On the maturity date, the investor must pay both the principal and interest as agreed at the beginning, plus 1% transaction fee.

Outstanding features of extradecoin
Extradecoin is a trade platform for the cryptographic money. Extradecoin has numerous remarkable highlights:

A high exchange speed, achieving in excess of 1,000,000 exchanges for every second.

Support an extensive variety of exchanging strategies: e.g., Spot exchanging, Margin exchanging, Futures, Centralized, Decentralized. (It will dispatch as said in the guide) ...

Extradecoin will bolster nearly of coins display in the market.

Currently, you can utilize Extradecoin on your workstation, portable. The application on your telephone will be refreshed as before long as could be allowed.
Additionally, Extradecoin has three particular highlights:

Borrowing stage: Extradecoin is the extension for financial specialists who have free cash on the trade with speculators, who require cash to exchange the here and now.

Token Play: The Blockchain-based Game Ecosystem, which bolsters the Gamer people group, has a straightforward and reasonable playing.

Listing ICO: Support ICO ventures which are in trouble in their raising asset round or need to help to list on the trade.

Business model Expression
Anyone can trade cryptocurrency on our platform with ease.
If customers use our ETE coin to transact, they will benefit the lowest you get on the platform is about 0.01% (ETE)
compared to the average rate of 0.05%.
Whether you place a buy or sell order, we will not charge a deposit. The withdrawal fee will be calculated according to the change of current rates.
Extradecoin will provide free analytical reports to clients to help customers trade effectively...This is also one of the special features planned for customers in our ecosystem.
Additionally, Extradecoin will have a high Interactive Broker (IB) commission policy that will offer up to 30% of the transaction fee that Extradecoin receives per transaction.

Extradecoin targets some specific groups of customers:
• Investor: Extradecoin will assist investors in purchasing most of the available cryptocurrency in the market. We offer services with the lowest transaction fee, minimum withdrawal waiting time, fast transfer process, and immediate placing orders.
• ICO Developers: Extradecoin supports new ICO projects in the process of opening and call for funding.
We assist customers in choosing and investing in an ICO project. We also help investors in reselling token even if the ICO project is still going. Once the ICO is completed, investors can continue to trade this coin on Extradecoin. By doing this, Extradecoin helps ICO community to expand hence increasing the liquidity and value of the token.
Gamer: Token Play is a place for gamers to entertain and simultaneously profit from playing games. When playing our games at TokenPlay, Gamers use coin to exchange for in-game services.
TokenPlay will have high information security. In Extradecoin, individuals can also be both a gamer and investor

Extradecoin will support common language across all user interfaces. The initial release will include English and Chinese, followed by Korean and Japanese. Other languages will be added to Extradecoin later.

Details of the ICO
The ETE token is the ERC20 token utility utilities, which serve as a means of using the Extradecoin platform. This token will allow its owners to use all the functionality and tools of the platform. Investors can use ETH to purchase ICO tokens. These ETHs will be transferred to ICO managers, and they will pass the token back to the investor. When ICO is over, investors will be able to use it for trading on Extradecoin.

Token Token - ETE
Standard token - ERC20
The total number of tokens issued is 250,000,000
The price of the token for pre-sale: 1 ETH = 6000 ETE
Bonus - 20%
An additional bonus when buying for more than 100 ETH, the bonus will be 30%
Accepted currency is ETH
Cost of the token on the ICO: 1 ETH = 5000 ETE
The bonus will be 10%.

Website: https://extradecoin.com/#/
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZOZiqfFTu71UiY5-FAWTnHWa2uKqH4wV/view?usp=sharing
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Extradecoin1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/extradecoin
Telegram: https://t.me/extradecoinofficial
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/extradecoinofficialchannel
Medium: https://medium.com/@Extradecoin
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4789548


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