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Endeavors to offer a completely autonomous, free, steady, proficient, fair and straightforward speculation solution. Bronix utilizes Blockchain design and Peer to Peer essential innovations, to give unquestionably alluring money related security and income soundness in the present turbulent market scenario.

Bronix offers self-representing non-legislative options and autonomous speculation platform cryptographic money, giving most extreme protection of advanced information, security, straightforwardness and easy to understand interface for settlements.

Cash can be deciphered continuously paying little respect to time and place far and wide. Bronix has a reasonable vision and an unmistakable technique to accomplish the same. Bronix gives money related opportunity and steadiness in the present fluctuating economy, staying powerful in the present scenario.

With the help of appropriated bookkeeping innovation and the world's best specialized group, Bronix was formed to make norms in the cryptographic money advertise.

About Bronix
BRONIX is another age peer exchanging stage that expects to give venture and installment arrangements that are autonomous, proficient, straightforward and stable.

It incorporates blockchain innovation and propelled programming, for example, keen contracts, Inter Planetary File System and Big chain DB, which furnish clients with budgetary dependability in the present unstable market.

With coordinated innovation you quicken exchanges and accomplish adaptability on the stage. Quicker exchanges will then enhance the liquidity pool and the income inside associations and organizations.

Because of blockchain Technology, the stage makes progress toward equivalent and reasonable open doors for individuals around the globe on the bitcoins advertise, dodging obstruction from outsiders, for example, government or monetary foundations.

How Bronix digital currency Investment Trading Exchange works No middle people, who regularly have the wellsprings of significant issues expansive commissions, government issues, false plans. Likewise made assurance against expansion to help ensure against the variances known in this market.

This will secure the coveted pay solidness. Their site has extensive data about articles and websites, including those that will place you in "information" of what is occurring in the realm of cryptography. Learning is control the correct information regardless.
Advantages of the Bronix Platform
Efficient translation: The base platform platform allows senders and receivers around the world to conduct transactions directly without third parties. Removing the tools in this way simplifies the transaction process, while reducing transaction costs for users.
Safety: The platform uses an excellent algorithm, blockchain technology and multi-level security systems. Servers are distributed worldwide and protected by CloudFlare service provider, which is known for its reliable and secure services. This makes the system flexible and is not sensitive to hacker attacks by hackers.
Experienced teams and managers: Bronix is ​​based on long-standing industry experience, consisting of active managers, managers and technical people, enabling them to manage their funds and investments appropriately. The team also ensures that the service provided to its users is of high quality.
Privacy: Using smart contract technology, users on the platform can perform anonymous operations using nicknames or transaction IDs. This ensures that all operations are platform-safe.
Fraud Protection: The decentralized structure of the platform will open and monitor all operations to the public. This means that the system can identify illegal operations. For this reason, platform users are protected from fraudulent transactions. Another advantage is Bronix Online Custormer Support.
The deal token will keep going for 60 days, the long procedure will start on the 22nd of June and end on the 26th of August, and it will be isolated into two stages which incorporates:

Pre-ICO and ICO.

The pre-ICO will start on the 22nd of June and it will end on the 22nd of July.

Private financial specialists, and early adopters, will move toward becoming members of uncommon offers and a marked down cost of $0.35.

In the event that the contributed cost is over $1000 with a 10% rebate.In the event that the contributed cost is over $5000 with a 15% markdown.

On the off chance that the contributed cost is over $10,000 with a 25% rebate.

On the off chance that the contributed cost is over $100,000 with a 35% markdown.

The second and last ICO stage will start on the 26th of July until the 26th of August.

The initiation of the token deal will be reported through the undertaking site, official twitter, official message channel and authority blog.

BRONIX will be at the rate of 1BRNX to be $0.35.Once the most extreme number of value token is sold, the following stage will have a prompt beginning.
ICO Information
Token name BRNX
Platform ether
Standard ERC20
Amount 175,000,000
Price BRNX: 1 BRNX = 0.35 USD
Payment BTC, ETH, FIAT
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD


Amount - 93,750,000 BRNX
Start - 22/06/2018
Completion - 22/07/2018
Bonus -. 32.500.000 BRNX - 30%
31,250,000 BRNX - 25%
30,000,000 BRNX - 20%


Total - 81.250.000 BRNX
Start - 26/07/2018
Completion - 26/08/2018


28.750.000 BRNX - 15%
27.5 million BRNX - 10%
25,000,000 BRNX - 0%

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