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About Webercoin

Webercoin's strategy tackles two problems by making social media less cumbersome with business ads and gives business owners a dedicated platform for their business. It will use location to target business owners and customers who are in proximity to each other to reach them first as well as sponsored ads to reach a wider audience of their choice and specification.

The Web Ad platform needs a network effect to succeed. Some social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have bootstrapped the growth of their networks, but new technologies such as blockchain provide a better opportunity to kick-start these kinds of networks.

Ethereum has surpassed Bitcoin as there are more developers and nodes on Ethereum than there are on Bitcoin. The nature of Ethereum makes it adequate for the project we want to create. We envision Web Ad to be decentralized and transparent, with its ecosystem of apps that feed into and rely on the Ethereum platform for information. That is why we are building Web Ad on this future-proof platform.

One distinct feature of WebAd is the location-based focus of the platform. Users will be able to see businesses in their location or a maximum distance of their choosing. This will open up more opportunities for business owners to connect with customers and potential clients that are physically close to them.

Problems In The Current Marketplace

In the social media advertising landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to engage directly with businesses, and for businesses to connect with customers who are interested in what their business has to offer. Businesses find it hard to connect with social influencers and to leverage stronger relationships with them to grow their user base. Also, costs for advertising on traditional social media platforms have skyrocketed, and platforms do not create marketplaces where businesses and users can interact in a seamless and positive way. Users lack privacy as their information on existing social platforms are accessible to external parties.

Solution For Businesses

With Webercoin, businesses can reach customers that are more inclined to purchase from them, and at much lower advertising costs than current social media platforms, giving them increased return on their advertising investment and better relationships with their customers, impacting their bottom line positively.

Solution For Users

Users get access to a wide array of products and services in their localities and beyond, that meet their specific needs, with the opportunity to rate the businesses and get rewarded for doing so.

The Webercoin Token (WBC)

The tokens shared on the platform reduce barriers that prevent entry into the cryptographic ecosystem, making it simple and beneficial for non-cryptocurrency users to adopt the platform. The Webercoin token (WBC) is used to reward both businesses and users, enabling them to earn through activities such as rating businesses on the WeberHub platform, whose offerings stand out. The Webercoin token will be used to collect advertising revenue through sponsored adverts.

Token info

Token WBC

Platform Ethereum

Type ERC20

Price in ICO 1 WBC = 0.0003488 ETH


ICO rounds: 1st round 28th July – 1st August 2018 35% discount. 2nd round 2ndth August – 6th August 2018 25% discount. 3rd round 7th August – 11th August 2018 15% discount.

Tokens for sale 50,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment 50 USD

Accepting ETH

Distributed in ICO 50%

Soft cap 200,000 USD

Hard cap 20,000,000 USD


10th March - 10th April 2018 - PRE ICO.

5th May - 28th July - ICO.

August 2018 - Ecosystem development.

September 2018 - Beta testing.

October 2018 - Native Android / IOS mobile apps.

February 2019 - Implementation of Webercoin on other Advert Platforms

March 2019 - Use of Webercoin in Retail Advertising

April 2019 - Implementation of Webercoin on Trading Adverts



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