About Ideal Coin

Ideal Coin is a virtual money that influencers can use in the Pay MHO virtual social network. Ideal Coin will be protected and processed by algorithms for instant use. These virtual commodities are generated by huge numbers of influencers producing a critical mass of data. These crypto assets as money, benefiting from usual guarantees and safeties established by now are crypto coins: worthwhile resources I this term of digitalization and monetization details.

Ideal Coin is the single crypto money is accepted by in Pay MHO for buying huge POC algorithms which confirms that change home tokens into the cleanest data ever. Ideal Coin: the extreme valued commodity that all will desire.
Ideal Coin is completely supported by exclusive marketing info collected via the Pay MHO platform.

How are they obtained?
Their community will inhabit a Social network 3.0 sort platform named Pay MHO, where consumers or influencers will interact, creating and answering easy question applying warm, personable language. Consumers will regularly build up their accounts in a manner that is natural, fun and spontaneous. The network environments are made to empower creativity and contribution while containing consumers from pressure or influence so that their results and responses participate in developing a reliable database.

Introducing Pay MHO
It is time to repay the worth of accounts to the people who generate them. It is time to handle data correctly and expertly in a platform that develops naturally, perfectly, exceptionally, honestly and sustainably. A platform that is available to all. Pay MHO will revolutionize the use of collective skill and knowledge, giving an extremely effective and affordable use of market research. Optimizing the resources and advertising attempts of firms, GOVTs, institutions, and individuals.

At the peak of all that, contributing consumers will gain money each day.

Talent: The home token just made by POC for Pay MHO
By becoming a consumer on Pay MHO and actively contributing in it, you will be capable to generate income while you sleep. And you do not need any expert knowledge, other than that of your own constant life. The time consumers spend on these jobs develops a revenue in a virtual money that they call Talent. These talents are the algorithmic alteration of consumers account into virtual money.

Pay MHO Highlights
• A task that everyone can do - crafting profiles lively in Pay MHO can be completed by everyone

• Get paid for your feedback - by sincerely drafting and answering quires (Crafting) consumers can POC talents which can then be changed for Ideal Coin or Fiat money.

• Become an expert influencer - Get virtual and Fiat money their sole POC ecosystem, letting all the option to join the virtual system.

• Pay MHO for commerce - institutions, corporations, businesses, and GOVTs will get the most trustworthy and accurate hand-crafted data ever made.

• Intuitive and easy platform - the collective consciousness will give scientifically processed info by interacting in a simple and friendly method.

• Secure token market - the Dean Chain Protocol 444 will make traceable, immutable and safe POC talent that can be changed for Fiat Money, or for the commodity token recognized as Ideal Coin, the value in each exchange platform.

What's the product that'll be offered to Pay MHO customers?
For those who want to consult or utilize the Pay MHO services have to pay consumers to earn access to their accounts. Having paid, customers will be free to extract the wished statistics getting more info than they'd have expected for thanks to the higher degree of market profiling. There is no threat to consumers of invasion of privacy.

The expertise reports produced by Pay MHO will supersede every existing marketplace study in terms of time, cost and efficiency, offering the customer with correct info about their marketplace: who it's shaped by, where they live, and what they're willing to do, and how to make a call with them. Customers will find out a number of surprising opportunities, trends, confidences, tastes and ever gathered a little part of influencers details.

Likewise, the clients will be capable to consult consumers straightly, to get their feedback, suggestions, and evolutions or even to offer them services or items. Consumers will be motivated to authorize these all consolations by the fact which interested customers will have to invest for them with talents. The ideal coin is made just in Pay MHO and has to be purchased beforehand by customers.

What motivated to use make Pay MHO?
Each and every day, more and more people are joining the network of networks: now, it's applied by over 25 percent of the planet's population.

Most of us explore and use this tool during their constant day to day activities without exercising any kind of control or safety checks. Over 90 percent online users have FACEBOOK profiles for instance.

Their lack of awareness, their inexperience, and naivety - and their demand for higher speed provision of internet services - mean that they routinely leave their selves exposed to verify theft. This can be of something as smooth and seemingly innocuous as your browsing or shopping habits. But it can also access risky levels and its advantages just those who steal, market and use your info.

A marketplace that is active, natural, authentic, assertive, generative, rich with data and ready to share it.

What occurs behind the scenes of virtual social platforms?
The entire explorations, movements, and searches that we carry out online and that develop a wide flow of individual info are extracted and applied by firms that revenue from their interaction and individuality. These firms then claim hold ship of this details. In a few cases even stopping the platform's consumers from having lawful access to their own info.

Firms around the globe spend more than $650,000,000,000,00 USD a year looking out, and marketing to, markets . in spite of this wide expense, the info firms get is often of low worth: a bit more than a superficial set of impulses which data firms market as accounts and sell as they all defined us ideally.

Commerce seeking to reach out their marketplace pay these firms billions of USD a year, without preventing to think that not just are they not accessing their wished objective, but they're arbitrarily damaging their intellectual property, and making items and services they consume more costly because of their inefficiency and the higher margins or mistakes in their tries to use the info they generate.

Due to the pace at which markets change, any market study or open consolation carried out conventionally can rapidly lose relevance or perfection. Wasting the resources of commerce who use such equipment to try and beat the contest, launch items or research marketplace. As well as being steady and imprecise, the procedures leave practically all down to option since so much of the info lacks legitimacy.

Since the accounts of the subjects given by the present-givers are normally imprecise, the rate of mistakes is extremely high. The resulting waste of human capital and resources means that both the internet and without internet studies causes services and items to become more costly for users.

Pay MHO - Effective, Practical and Immediate
Pay MHO generates and procedures info rapidly and reliably. In addition to the info and requested consumers, customers will be given with tools for enhancing their decision-making procedures. These will be focused especially on the profile of their target marketplace, allowing customers to detect behaviors, patterns, and trends derived from info about their marketplace that they had not at all even contemplated or that was disappearing. This'll give the customer the skill to anticipate changes in styles.

Marketplace samples will be completely and rapidly segmented, accessing the objective of any study in below 2 days, getting all the outcomes requested with a rate of mistakes to NIL.

The research will be specific and exact as the rate of info details of the account of the consumer you want to contact.

It's a single tool that each firm, GOVT, institution, and the individual should be earlier than making any decision.

The Network's Virtual money
The crafting carried out by consumers within the network will be paid for applying a virtual money named talents.
• Full token supply: 220,000,000,000 TLN
• Symbol: TLN
• Token Platform: ERC: 20 (ETH)

Cost: tied to the cost of Gold
Value: based on the info and details on the platform

What makes Talents expensive?
When you sign up to the Pay MHO network, the ecosystem will generate a virtual wallet or STASH, where you can gather TLNs. Talents are generated from the time you sign-up to the platform and start crafting. Therefore, by containing a live profile and regularly contributing in diff ways of producing TLNs you'll be capable to get and accumulate and over rising figure of these virtual tokens, which you can then use to perform every process available in the ecosystem.

The platform will offer a ten percent discount to consumers who can change TLNs for the virtual money names Ideal Coin.

Token info
• Ticker: IDL
• Platform: ETH
• Token Type: ERC: 20
• Available for sale: (58.91%) 112,003,460 IDL

• Pre-sale cost : One IDL = $0.32 USD
• ICO Price: 1 IDL = $0.62 USD
• Soft cap: $3,000,000 USD
• Hard cap: $40,932,971 USD
• Accepting: BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, BTG
• Bonuses: 56.6% during 7 days of Public sale

Website: https://idealcoin.io/
Whitepaper: https://idealcoin.io/wp-content/transfers/2018/10/whitepaper2.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/IdealCoinGroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ideal_coin


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