Stanley The Slushpile - (written and performed by tom balistreri)

I wrote this song, I play all the instruments, and I do all the vocals.
So there is no one to blame for it but me. 😃
Now I'm not jumping the gun here.
This is not a Christmas song. I wouldn't even call it a holiday song.
No, this song is weather related.
It's true we aare in theseason when yyou hear sons about winter characters.
Songs about "Frosty the Snowman," or "Susie Snowflake," or "Jack Frost."
But I realized there is a forgotten winter character that we all know and see, but no one has taken the time to give him a song.
Until now.
So may I introduce you to a the forgotten winter friend,
"Stanley The Slushpile."
(Forgive me.)

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