My Introduction to Golos With My Singing Of A Christmas Carol

Hello everyone.

I am appreciative that I've been able to join Golos.

I've been on this Earth for quite a few rotations around the sun.

I have always seen myself as a singer.

Although I also can play guitar and write songs.

These days when I'm not singing I'm writing poetry.

I hope my posts will be of some comfort or entertainment value to those who look at them.

Since I claim to be a singer I thought for my first post I would give you a video of myself singing a song.

This is the classic Christmas Carol,

"Oh Holy Night."

Thank you for listening.

  • tom

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03.12.2018 22:35

@privet Hello! I'm pleased to meet you.

03.12.2018 23:02

Good afternoon!
Welcome to Golos!
Congratulation with your first post!
If you want, you can write a little about yourself in one of your he next
One of your next post.
How to make a post correctly and some ideas for the theme of this post, you can find here: [Книга про Голос] Как написать качественный приветственный пост?
We wish you success in Golos!

23.12.2018 14:12