Introduction to 🐋Whaleshares Witness: @tnam0rken

Good afternoon!

I have long thought about whether I want to be a witness. On the one hand - I do not like to take on an extra responsibility. On the other hand, who, if not me?

At the moment, the node whaleshares is raised on naked enthusiasm, I will keep it until there are enough nodes in the community for trouble-free operation of the blockchain - most likely, until I drop out of the top 50.

On the other hand - if for some reason the community will support me as a delegate - I am ready to serve the node and beyond.

Why is it worth voting for delegate @tnam0rken?

1\. It's been a little over a year since I started diving into the blockchain. If initially it was just the desire to make money, in the end, it was transformed into something like a philosophy. I still want to earn, but now this is a secondary task.

2\. Of all the blockchains I studied, most of all I'm impressed by the blockchains on graphene, first of all it is BitShares. But also there is one interesting project not on graphene, which I also really liked - it's gridcoin(GRC).

3\. I try to spread the knowledge that I get. First and foremost, of course, this brief video tutorials on youtube. But other than this - I'm almost always ready to answer your questions in groups or PM in Telegram - absolutely free. Or in person - expensive 🙃

4\. If possible, I participate in the meetups. This winter I spoke to a large audience - I with @kwaskoff hosted an educational meeting on BitShares, which was sponsored by @kencode. The place for the meeting was provided by journalist Leonid Krasner. The event was held in the framework of blockchainschool, and 54 people came.

5\. For a moderate fee I help people to get premium names in BitShares. And also I help referrals get a lifetime membership (LTM) at a discount.

6\. Within the framework of the Association, we are developing a mobile application for working with BitShares - In this we are helped by a sponsor from Kaliningrad.

7\. The plans include the launch of its own web interface to BitShares - this will be fork rudex-ui with some features that I personally find interesting.

8\. Also in the plans own gateway on BitShares. On the one hand - it blurs the liquidity of markets. But on the other hand - improves the reliability of the exchange as a whole.

9\. And as a cherry on the cake - fork steem with a unique economic mechanism - it will be a social experiment. While I can not disclose the details, but I think that they will be available in the next few months.

Does the community need such a witness? - It's up to you to decide! 🐳

If need - vote for @tnam0rken here.

Currently, I try to understand the EOS, so the time for video recording remains less...

For fans of auditing - check me completely (:

I will be grateful for any criticism and advice on working with video/audio/feed, as well as for your support in the form of subscriptions and upvotes on Golos, Steemit, YouTube & Telegram

Warning! Caution! Referral link to RuDex!

With respect to readers and random passers-by, your l̶a̶z̶y̶b̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ @tnam0rken

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@tnam0rken, Поздравляю!
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