Magazine Owl

Good afternoon!

In the spring magazine Owl resumed work on the platforms of Golos & Steem.

And this is good news for authors and investors.

Investors can invest in the magazine's SP and receive passive income.

Beginners writers can be published in the magazine - with a high degree of probability this will bring them more income than independent publications.

And finally, the magazine can be useful to other authors...

Imagine that you wanted to leave a review of the movie/game/book, but most of your subscribers are not interested in such articles at all.

Or you publish in your blog more than 3 articles a day.

Imagined? And now remember about the magazine! 🙃

A couple of weeks ago I tried it myself, leaving a small review of the book Faceless.

But most of all good, of course, the magazine brings readers, fans of reviews. Because it allows you to easily and quickly find various reviews.

So if you do not know what to do for a free evening - you can easily find the answer at @recenzent.

Continues to the test Gravity Protocol - anyone can take part. For the errors found, rewards are reimbursed.

For fans of auditing - check me completely (:

I will be grateful for any criticism and advice on working with video/audio/feed, as well as for your support in the form of subscriptions and upvotes on Golos, Steemit, YouTube & Telegram

Warning! Caution! Referral link to RuDex!

With respect to readers and random passers-by, your l̶a̶z̶y̶b̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ @tnam0rken

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