🎰 Lottery "DEX Lottery" on BitShares

Good afternoon! 🙃

March 1, Valera Kogut, a candidate member of the committee BitShares, and @hultqvist launched a DEX Lottery on BitShares.

This is one of their joint projects, is now in the Beta stage.

Anyone can take part in the lottery. To do this, just send from 1 to 100 BTS to the account dex-lottery in BitShares. 1 BTS = 1 ticket. The prize fund is formed from the participants' rates minus the commission for sending the prize to the winner. But bids above 100 BTS go to the jackpot.

For example, you sent 200 BTS - total prize fund added to 200 BTS, but you only got 100 tickets. But if you send two times 100 BTS - then with the same prize pool you will have 200 tickets.

The duration of each round is 1000 blocks. - it's ~50 minutes. If suddenly all asleep, you can still place a bet - bot red-or-black will support your game, but he does not bet first.

The winner of the round is determined based on the signature of the final block.

Currently there can only be one winner in each round, but in the future promise to make 10% of the number of participants. As well as super-rounds every 100,000 blocks and so on.

Learn more about the lottery in chat, channel or bot.

I remind those who wanted to buy a lifetime membership - I have a system of discounts for my referrals in BitShares, especially beneficial to my subscribers.

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