💸 Upcoming change of commissions in BitShares

Good afternoon! 🙃

In BitShares commission depend on the market value of BTS. When the cost of BTS increases - the committee reduces commissions, when the cost falls - the committee raises commissions. The need to increase the commission has been brewing for a long time, but the proposal has appeared to be extremely inadequate... This especially affected the placement/cancellation of orders - these commissions wanted to increase almost 50 times!

And if it were not for the activity of the community, and especially of the representatives of the gateways, then the day after tomorrow these changes would take effect!

At the moment, the sizes of the commissions are being revised. The classic principle when calculating commissions is equating LTM to $100. Current cost LTM ~695BTS=$28.5117 - those. It is necessary to increase the commissions proportionally ~3.5 times. But given the latest trends in the community - I admit an increase in commissions of 3.5-7 times.

Therefore, I remind those who wanted to buy a lifetime membership - I have a system of discounts for my referrals in BitShares, especially beneficial to my subscribers.

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16.02.2019 16:05