☠️ BEOS subversion against BitShares.

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Maybe not everyone knows, but Dan Larimer has a father who is very active in the crypto community, Stan Larimer. As far as I know - they are not very good relationship. But this does not prevent Stan from using his son’s reputation for personal gain.

If someone looks at the history of projects whose founders include Stan, he will see, that these are either failed (for example, HERO) or fraudulent (for example, Arise Bank and Bitcoin Latina) projects. I don’t know if he likes such projects or he’s just very trustful and therefore easily gives other scamers to use his son’s reputation. Not for me to judge him.

But at the moment, along with a frank scammer (known as Michael X), he has collected more than 350 million BTS from gullible users. Investing in a scam or not is sort of a personal matter for everyone. But here there was another problem. Due to not too high community activity - the minimum threshold of votes for entering the list of top-witness BitShares is relatively low, and the founders of BEOS use this. They vote for the dead witnesses who skip a large number of blocks in a row. For example, for crazybit, ioex and datasecuritynode. This adversely affects the work of the blockchain.

Therefore, I ask everyone who is not indifferent to BitShares and who, for one reason or another, decided to take part in the BEOS raindrop - to take their BTS from them and vote for the live witnesses. Or choose a decent proxy that votes only on live witnesses. For example blckchnd or baozi.

If already at this stage you are denied a withdrawal - you will once again be convinced of the intentions of BEOS.

Below are links to resources that will help you see what the situation looks like.

Witness scanner

Voices with the biggest weight

For fans of auditing - check me completely (:

I remind those who wanted to buy a lifetime membership - I have a system of discounts for my referrals in BitShares, especially beneficial to my subscribers.

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