[EN]AGM X2 за $300

Good afternoon! 🙃

Today I want to tell you how I got a gorgeous smartphone at a discount about 40% relative to the Chinese prices.

The beginning of this story put the events two years ago. Announcement of the AGM X1 smartphone.

A year and a half ago, I finally bought it. The phone was wonderful in every way. But still there were two minuses...

Android version 5.1.1 - which prevented fine-tuning permissions for applications.

NFC - the manufacturer is not nxp, which imposes certain restrictions on use.

At about the same time, X2 was announced. With more pleasant features and less pleasant price. For a couple of months I followed the phone, but then I forgot about it for almost a year. And in June, one of the friends uploaded a photo in the chat that had the inscription SHOT ON AGM X2 OUTDOOR DUAL CAMERA. I could not stand it and began to attack him with questions: how is the phone?, how optimization?, how NFC? and a bunch of other questions. After I learned the answers - I decided to buy myself an X2, despite the price tag. But a little later...

Some time later, on August 29, 2018, another friend drops this article in VK. True, I use VK not so often, so I saw it only after a couple of days, on August 31.

I read the announcement, appreciated the characteristics. And then I thought about price and something lost heart... But I decided to watch other news in the group - in case there is a new firmware for X1 or something else interesting.

And then... AGM X2 with discount for AGM X1 owners, a kind of traid-in, but you don’t need to part with old equipment. You just have to prove that you have the X1.

The offer looked too tempting, so I doubted almost one day. Then I wrote to the specified e-mail, but...

I had to write in a personal group administrator, that made me less confidence. PayPal, on the other hand, provides buyers with some guarantees. Therefore, I began a correspondence. I have provided the necessary data and waited. According to the administrator of the group who conducted this correspondence with me, the verification takes longer because of the announcement of the AGM X3.

Then I was asked to take another additional photo or screenshot. And after 20 days, I was finally informed that the application was approved and I can send $300 to the specified PayPal account.

Inquired about the delivery time. I paid. Waiting track-code. And after 5 days I am informed

currently no AGM X2 SE in stock (slightly stripped-down version, participating in the action) and instead offer, without surcharge, send me AGM X2. Naturally I agree!

It takes another week and a miracle! - October 5th I get the track-code. After another 4 days I got AGM X1. In addition to headphones and a charger, a float was put in the kit, as promised. 🙃

On Aliexpress, the price tag for such a kit starts from $550

I hope that after a year on the same stock I can take myself AGM X3 😎

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Сюда приплывал Моби Дик

22.11.2018 02:09

@tnam0rken, Поздравляю!
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23.11.2018 06:28

Привет! Вопрос не по теме. А как посмотреть сколько в рублях стоят WLS на https://whaleshares.io Мне просто интересно знать, чтобы понять продолжать там публиковаться или нет.

23.11.2018 10:56

Посмотреть на рудексе, сколько они стоят в битшарах. Потом там же посмотреть цену битшар в рублях.

23.11.2018 11:03

@tnam0rken вот я так прикинула и у меня получилось 4 рубля за WLS, цену на битшары смотрела на коинмаркеткап, жалко хотелось бы конечно побольше

25.11.2018 14:57

Дороже голоса
Куда больше то?🙃

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