Bettium is in fact a project that implements an office of a bookmaker. The beauty of this project is that it is built on an excellent decentralized platform. The technology on which the project is based is called blocking. Many people know, but I want to remind you that thanks to this technology, users do not have to worry about the falsification of data. Because this is not realistic. In addition, smart contracts are also involved, which realize all transactions relating to the payment of your profits. Thanks to this, no one will deceive you and your profits will not disappear except you!The platform is a platform arranged using P2P technology. The main feature of the project is also the presence of artificial intelligence on the platform. The development team even gave him his own name. And call him Merlin. He will not play a minor role in the project. Thanks to him, the user can either make independent movements at the rates. Or trust professionals and their knowledge. In this case, you must pay for this knowledge. But thanks to this, even a beginner will be able to make such bets as professionals of his company and also with them to share the winnings. But here too you must understand that you have to pay this for professionals, because nobody will simply share valuable information with you. 

 Bettium is a global decentralized platform enabling users to bet on sporting events against each other, each using big data and established experts to improve forecasts and strategy. Traditional sites pit the bettor against a classical bookmaker, an entity disinterested in the player’s success. Bettium provides direct access to AI, Big Data and powerful analytical tools to help the bettor make smart conclusions and smart bets against peers.The Bettium gaming space is professional, transparent, and fair to all users, both professional and amateur. 

 How does it work? 

 A fully decentralized platform, Bettium solves all the challenges that hit traditional betting systems.This platform provides a transparent and secure betting system, fully protected from manipulation by players, third parties, and self-betting.
P2P betting is fair and self-regulating: with the opportunities and terms specified by the user itself, there is no manipulation to cover costs or increase margins. The integrated AI and Big Data capabilities will allow players to develop their own forecasting strategies and combine them with algorithmic capabilities available on the platform. Bettium will also provide access to statistics and estimates of successful players, experts and analysts.
Betting and settlement of operations are performed exclusively through Token BETT, which may be purchased and sold on the internal exchange. Token will thus continue to have an intrinsic value long after the speculator has dominated the market.
Decentralization ensures that the system will be available worldwide, practically immune to closure, and free of third party intrusions. Under an oracle and smart contracting system, winnings will be paid instantly and automatically, without the involvement of any betting owners, operators, or banks / platforms that might hamper the process.
All users will have access to professional analytical tools and a comprehensive database of players, teams, matches and events compiled by our Big Data engine. Assistance from AIs and expert estimates will be available for players who want to improve their strategy.
Total Token
1 000 000 000 BETT
Soft Cap
7 500 000 USD
Hard Cap
30 000 000 USD
The starting price
1 BETT = 0.05 USD
Payment method accepted
Ethereum – ERC20Bettium Distribution
7.5% Private Sales
7.5% PreSale
40% TokenSale
5% Bonus
15% Reserve
20% Founder & Team
0.5% Bounty
3% Advisor 

 Our Benefits
There is no limit
There is no limit on betting, even betting with high odds
The Ultra-Low Commission
The cost of 0.15% Bettium per transaction is much lower than the 7-10% charged by traditional betting makers
All Statistics and Analysis In One Place
All the detailed analysis tools and data appear in a single user window
Instant Payments
All payments, deposits and transactions in tokens are supported by blockchain and happen instantaneously
Reliability and Transparency
Smart contracts make all transactions between users safe and transparent, from the start of the platform
Unreserved Operation 24/7
The system is fully autonomous, independent of third parties, and decentralized, reducing the risk of near-zero technical failure
Unique Functionality
Bettium supports several customized functions for individuals, allowing users to customize a personal interface based on sports options, betting volume, regular friends, preferred analytical tools, and more
Leveling the Playing Field
Bettium provides a unique professional capability that was not previously available to ordinary users. In our universe every player is a professional, blessed with equal ability, with access to the same tools.Fund Distribution
40% Platform Development
17% Tournament
15% Marketing
13% Legal Support
5% Research
10% Operational Cost 

Peiwei Ni -Chairman and CEO of Super Block
Alexandru Radulescu -Crypto Market Advisor
Gary Fowler -Co-Founder and CEO Findo
Maury G -Strategic Advisor -APAC
Bettium to Integrate the Bancor Protocol to Provide Liquidity Token For Platform Users.
Ben Marrel -BDO
Nathan Hunt -CEO
Brian Bellerose – Legal Officer
Ron Lewin -Executive Manager of Business and Technology Strategy
Sheldon Bennett – Bridge Analyst
Alex Kamilov -CTO
And Hunt -Software Engineer
Alice Douglas -Investor Relations & Community Manager
Edgard Luque -Full Stack Developer 



 Ben Marrel -BDONathan Hunt -CEOBrian Bellerose -Chief Legal OfficerRon Lewin -Business and Technology Strategy Executive ManagerSheldon Bennett -Blockchain AnalystAlex Kamilov -CTODan Hunt -Software EngineerAlice Douglas -Investor Relations & Community ManagerEdgard Luque -Full Stack DeveloperADVISORSPeiwei Ni -Chairman and CEO of Super BlockAlexandru Radulescu -Crypto Market AdvisorGary Fowler -Co-Founder and CEO of FindoMaury G -Strategic Advisor -APAC 

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