Xmoneta is the world’s first decentralized Encrypted Messenger for social and business communication based ethereum platform, you can invest in Xmoneta and get benefits from it in the next, for get information well, please read this blog until complete.

Xmoneta is a new global organization, a traditional financial and social institution. Xmoneta does not want to be a silent observer — Xmoneta wants to be a creator. Xmoneta wants to spur further development.

It’s no coincidence Xmoneta uses the mysterious ‘X’ on behalf of our project. X is something unknown, while ‘moneta’ is the Latin word, which means ‘money’. So, Xmoneta deliberately uses references for cryptocurrency. Xmoneta is the next step after two technological revolutions. Xmoneta creates the world’s leading Messenger Encrypted for social and business communications. Unlike such giants as Facebook and WhatsApp, Xmoneta has completely different principles and philosophies.

This allows users to fulfill their daily needs. Xmoneta’s main concept is truly a mobile lifestyle, free of borders.


Tired of the old trends promoted by banks and global companies, Xmoneta decided to choose another. The way of the future, free from mass control, control over your thinking, your finances, and your life purpose. Our goal is to create a universal Messenger and be completely safe. The new app will be based on Blockchain technology and will allow users to chat, send messages, make orders, buy goods, trade with people and hold the money. All in one application. That’s how Xmoneta was born.


The ethereum+ based app allows you to:

• Communicate with your friends,

• Buy stuff and book services,

• Have your money in your wallet securely,

• Strange on our market platform,

• Set your own business.

With Xmoneta it is possible to talk with friends, buy different items at electronics stores, listen to music, read books, order food, taxis and so on. More importantly, you can use your messenger as a wallet for different currencies. No need to waste your device’s memory by downloading multiple apps for various purposes. No more wasting your time using different sources and wallets to exchange and exchange different currency types.


● Fintech — Xmoneta users can create a virtual wallet, get it

money on it and attract them He can also transfer money to other users, buy his goods in the app, as well as transfer the funds to

plastic card

● Market — You can also use Xmoneta as a platform to sell goods, and also buy it. Simple, user-friendly and free interface make Xmoneta attract businessmen and companies from any part of the world. It’s also the most convenient way for users to buy products and pay for them. All the necessary data is integrated into one account, so for Xmoneta users buy any Type of product is a simple few click process. Xmoneta gives its users easy access to a variety of products and simple click-through payment opportunities for the goods.

● Sell indefinitely— Our Xmoneta Market allows you to sell everything — goods, services, tickets to events, the only limitation is your imagination! Thanks to the all-in-one system, customers can use Xmoneta wallets to pay for the product. The Xmoneta Store is a really autonomous market, which it is not requires an external source for existence. Every Entrepreneur can open his own shop, choose between different types. It can be a mini market with limited functionality, or it could be a store with promotional opportunities, analysis, and synchronization with different payment systems.

● E-shop customer service — There are several ways in which the Cometary communicates with its customers. The main tools are e-mail and chat. The Xmoneta ecosystem is the easiest and fastest place where customer demand fulfills the answer. A Business person gets all customer questions and questions right into his or her public account. Xmoneta offers its users the clearest way of communication between customers and businesses.

● Platform Iklan Xmoneta — If you are dealing with advertising and online marketing, then Xmoneta is the perfect platform, where you can put

your ads on news feed The fast and easy conversion process: just one click, and that will be enough to reduce the amount of the account wallet.

● Chatbots — Bot is a great innovation in modern conversational conversation Chatbot helps set up different services and give it to the users. Maybe the market, order tickets, taxis and so on. Xmoneta provides the most user-friendly and easy-to-use platform bot, which can be used by both ordinary users and entrepreneurs around the world. We try our best to create attractive platforms for different companies. Businesses can provide their own services on Xmoneta, using chatbots. Users can interact with bots by sending specific commands (each bot has its own command list).

● Xmoneta Bank —Our bank supports traditional fiat currencies along with cryptoes such as Bitcoin, DASH, NEM, ERC20 and so on. In addition to payments and transfers, Xmoneta Bank offers to several investment service partners. If you need funds for a different corporate project, we’ll be happy to help you! Xmoneta Bank uses all modern banking and Internet-of-things technology. We follow all security standards strictly. Caused by blockchain Technology, we can be sure it’s all your data is reliably protected.

Attributes of Xmoneta

Xmoneta Wallet

We will likely deal with all the conceivable tokens inside one wallet, without introducing diverse applications for each advanced money. You can hold both computerized and conventional cash in Xmoneta wallet. All the new Blockchain tokens are naturally distinguished by the wallet and quickly incorporated in it. You can make stores on the blockchain, exchange digital forms of money and cash to each other on the VISA/MasterCard or potentially the crypto-wallets.

Xmoneta Messenger

Tired from the antiquated patterns, advanced by banks and worldwide organizations, we chose to pick another way. Way of the Future, free of the mass observation, control over your musings, funds, and life.Our objective is to make an easy to understand, agreeable and secure stage for correspondence, exchanging, publicizing, and buying.The new application will be founded on Blockchain innovation and will give clients chance to talk, send messages, influence the requests, to purchase products, exchange with individuals and hold cash. Everything inside just a single application. That is the means by which Xmoneta was conceived.


Xmoneta Bank

Every Xmoneta user can use his or her bank accounts (IBAN, debit cards etc.), exchange currencies and pay with them. Our bank supports traditional fiat currencies together with crypto ones like Bitcoin, DASH, NEM, ERC20 and so on.Besides payments and transfers, Xmoneta Bank offers to the partners multiple investment services. If you need funds for different corporative projects, we will be glad to help you! Xmoneta Bank uses all the modern banking and Internet-of-things technologies. We strictly follow all the security standards. Due to Blockchain technologies, we can be sure that all your data is reliably protected.

Availability For Every Device

Xmoneta is available for every type of device and OS, whether Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Whatever you use, all the Xmoneta features (file search, messages, team directory, filtering and so on) will be available !

Xmoneta Token?

Xmoneta Token (XMN) is a decentralized crypt for all types of transactions between community members. The evidence issued relates to being supported by VISA / Master Card envoys, so users can pay by cryptography using virtual and plastic cards. The conversion course will be pegged at the middle exchange rate, which is used on the trading exchanges. The token owner will be able to buy using XMN without cashing it.

XMN is only the internal currency, used in the Xmoneta ecosystem, and the number of tokens is limited to 1 billion XMN. Due to these limitations, customers get great discounts, great bonuses from our partners, excellent technical support, and free plans.

The more XMN is used in the ecosystem, the fewer tokens that will be redeemed. What does it mean? That means the cost of the currency will increase!

There are several factors, affecting the token value. The first factor is supply and demand on the exchange of cryptocurrency. The second is the popularity of the project. The more people will join us, the higher the cost of XMN. From the beginning, there will be exactly 1 000000000 token in circulation and nothing more.


Xmoneta (XMN) Utility Token

XMN is a utility token that drives the ecosystem. Therefore, as a utility token, XMN is required to support the platform and make it easy for its users. XMN is introduced as a decentralized crypto form, which holds the value provided by users and the laws of the market nature. It is used as a means of interaction and transactions between various activities, services, functions, and platform users from around the world.

Token sale/distribution

• XMN — Xmoneta token symbol

• XMN is based on ERC20 Ethereum token standard

• Token price: 1 ETH = 2000 XMN

• Total supply: 1 000,000,000 XMN

• 70% — 700 000 000 XMN

• For messenger ecosystem- rewards, bounty, affiliate

• 20% — 200 000 000 XMN

• Token Sale ICO 05% — 50 000 000 XMN

• Token Sale Pre ICO

• 05% — 50 000 000 XMN

For team, community, initiatives, etc.

• Minimum Investment: 0.1 ETH

• Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited

• Maximum transaction amount: unlimited

• Soft cap: 1000 ETH

• Hard cap: 95000 ETH

GAS limit: 250 000

Accepted crypto currencies — ETH

Bonus up to 50 % Invest more than 15 ETH in one transaction and get extra bonus (additional) + 20 %!

Pre ICO:

• Bonus: 30%

• Extra Bonus: 50%

• Start date: 25th of February 2018 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)

• End date: 15th of March 2018 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)

ICO B round:

• Bonus: 20%

• Extra Bonus: 40%

• Start date: 16 th of March 2018 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)

• End date: 10 th of April 2018 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)

ICO С round:

• Bonus: 10%

• Extra Bonus: 30%

• Start date: 11th of April 2018 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)

• End date: 30 th of April 2018 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)



Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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For more information, please visit:

Website: https://xmoneta.com

White paper: https://xmoneta.com/index.html#

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xmoneta.xmn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xmoneta_xmn

Telegram: https://t.me/xmoneta

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.

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