The Abyss is a new digital distribution and marketing platform for the gaming industry, with a special focus on free to play MMO games. With an internal economy powered by its own ABYSS cryptocurrency tokens, the project is launching an ICO token sale to raise funds for development.

It will bring together a next-generation gaming platform with a range of flexible product promotion options and analytics capabilities for developers, and motivational rewards for players.

Multilevel referral system

A range of motivational rewards mechanisms will be built into The Abyss platform to help developers promote their game while increasing revenue, and to attract and retain players, based around a multilevel referral system.

This means that players will be able to earn crypto rewards from payments and other activities such as content generation and achievements of people who they refer. But not just people who they refer directly, as this system goes 5 levels deep meaning they can also earn from people their referrals invite, and so on.

Players will also have additional opportunities to earn from monetizing in-game content that they have created and participating in in-game auctions. They will then be able to receive these rewards to their personal Ethereum wallet.

Games developers will not only be able to earn from payments within their own games, but also by referring players on to other games within the platform. They will also benefit from 5 levels of referrals. Developers will receive 70% of all payments made within their own games, with the platform itself taking the other 30%. One third of the cut taken by the platform is dedicated to the rewards system, with first level referrals earning 40% of the total available funds, the next two levels earning 20%, and the final two levels earning 10%.

Additional benefits for developers

Developers will be able to choose whether to receive their earnings in crypto or fiat, regardless of what currency was used by the player.

The use of the referral system will reduce the costs of player acquisition while increasing player retention.

In addition, developers will be given the option of launching their games in alpha or beta versions, and of raising funds for development through crowdfunding.

An internal advertising network will enable them to purchase traffic based on the CPA (cost per action) model from other games within the platform.

Meanwhile an advanced analytics system will offer developers comprehensive metrics on all stages of user behaviour within their games, including ARPU, MAU, ROI, and LTV.

The problem

Being a creative niche and that too with such a high demand in the industry one might think creating content might be the biggest problem in the video game industry. Whereas, the real issue is that of distribution. Plenty of independent game developers and mid-sized firm along with big companies are coming up with best products and games. The independent developers even with great ideas, sometimes, get side lined from getting funds and hence distribution. The big companies face the issue of getting the right audience and price for their products too.

The market

Exceeding the income level by whooping $100 billion in 2017, the market size is as big as $104.6 billion in today’s date. A leap of 12% this year it is expected that by 2020 the gaming industry will easily get a hike of 60-80% and will reach as high as an income level of $168.8 billion. A new wave of game distribution came with the advent of digital space. With many games being present on multiple platforms they have been gaining a better exposure in the market. For e.g. The Witcher 3, which is presented on both the STEAM and GOG platforms. The market has even seen a surge in right distribution with the digital era.

The next-generation platform: With so many developers and a massive industry, there is still need for a better platform which can assure security and best returns. This is only possible through the blockchain technology, The Abyss is just that. A platform where the gamers can earn from their games and even the developers cut down on their marketing expenses through referral program, this is the ultimate solution for the efficient video game distribution. With a low level entry fee, the platform even offers its tokens to earn bigger profits and chances to reduce marketing costs as payments are accepted in both the currencies. With the correct database the developers are even sure to get access to the right audience. Moreover, the players get the advantage of finding multiple games on one single platform. Even the players can earn money through the referral program and just through their achievements too.

The efforts behind: The Abyss is designed and developed by the Destiny.Games which is a leading video game developer and publisher in Russia. With an expertise in project launching and operations the team includes several experienced personnel such as Konstantin (Sephiroth) Bokyo-Romanovsky who is the founder and has over 17 years of experience. The president, Vladimir Kurochkin has over 12 years of experience behind him too in the gaming industry.

Abyss is said to be one of the best things of recent times and the reason for such a statement is that you would be getting to be in the know - how of how to increase the chances of earning. In case you are interested to know more about this then it would be best if you come to understand as to how exactly is the working style of Abyss and what is the concept that Abyss is talking about.

For this however, you would have to continue reading this article, as it is here only that the schedule of this gaming platform has been clearly given. You would also become aware of the facts that relate to such a digital distribution platform that seems to leave things behind to make a move forward in the token sale.

In order to make you understand complete aspects of token sale, it would be best if you are aware of the Abyss token sale data. You can now keep reading to know more about all of this.

Details of the Abyss Tokens Sale

~ Name of the token of the next - gen - digital distribution platform is Abyss.

~ Here, the pre - sale white - listing is from 29 November 2017 until 1 December 2017.

~ For this duration, 1 ETH is equal to 2, 500 ABYSS.

~ The pre - sale on the other hand has been scheduled from 12 December 2017 till the 14 December 2017 while during this period, minimum threshold is 5 Ethereum.

~ You get ready for the Abyss token sale as it starts on 14th December 2017 whereas it ends on the 24th of January 2018 with least threshold being 0. 1 ETH.

~ The soft cap has been put at 10, 000 ETH however, if the target is not reached then returning of funds begin.

Points to Remember

~ There is only a set of ABYSS tokens available.

~ It is from this number of tokens or the lot that public will be receiving tokens.

~ In order to get these Abyss tokens, you must go for exchange in the form of Ethereum / ETH or Bitcoin / BTC.

Distribution of Abyss Tokens

~ As for the supply or the distribution of the Abyss tokens, you can see that 60 percent of the Abyss tokens have been allotted to crowd sale.

~ Another of the 1 % is for bounty while 21 percent of tokens are for the company as well as the advisors.

~ When it says that Abyss tokens are for the company then there are some rules attached to it and here you will come to know about these rules and regulations.

~ Tokens that are for Abyss are to be vested for 4 years and there is going to be 12 - month’s cliff. It is in this time only that vesting percentage is 25 that is going to be for every year.

~ Apart from this, Abyss tokens will be supplied to advisors as well with a vesting period of 12 months. During this time, each quarter shall have 20 percent vesting and it is only after the ending of token sale that 20 % is going to be paid.

~ Finally, 18 percent has been kept in reserved category. These tokens that are under the Reserve Allocation tag are stated to be frozen for a minimum of 6 months. After sometime, these tokens will be given to the players only but it shall be in the form of rewards.

Now that you have understood the way distribution of the Abyss tokens will take place, it would be best for you to have an idea as to what will be the advantages of having these tokens and why does it become important to know more about this today. You can keep reading to know about these Abyss tokens and their list of benefits here.

Advantages of the Abyss Tokens

~ You get an easy access to the referral programs besides the Internal CPA Network or the Auction and all of this is only possible when you have these tokens named Abyss.

~ The list of boons is like a never - ending case because with these tokens, you will be able to get as many as discounts as possible.

~ These discounts will however be valid only when you wish to buy any game.

~ Therefore, all of this when put together will be of course advantageous to the participants only.


There is a smart contract as well which will be utilised in order to burn 1 / 3 of the commission from Internal CPA Network of this platform. In this list, the auction transactions are also there and another factor that can help you to decide is that many of the internal services find their basis on the Abyss tokens so that you can see that Abyss tokens are the most important thing here.

Schedule (or road map) of the Abyss Platform

You may have by now understood that Abyss is nothing less than a digital distribution platform; hence, it would in the best interests of all that you be familiar with the working of this digital distribution platform. The complete programme details of Abyss are as follows for your help -

Plan of the Abyss for Q 3 of 2008

~ It was in 2008 of Q 3 that the foundation of this video game company had been laid.

~ This video gaming company was named back then as the Destiny Games.

~ Such a foundation laid the base for something that went on to become the gaming industry change today; however, this is not the end of the story, as there are many other things to come by.

Q 3 of 2016 Plan of Action

~ It indeed might have taken a lot of time before the idea of a game portal emerged.

~ Nevertheless, all of the efforts and thinking that went in to this game changer was worth a wait because it was in the same quarter and year that the idea came forth.

Activities from Q2 to Q 3 of 2017

~ As for the 2017 year, it was time testing as blockchain technology was about to be combined with a completely new ideology.

~ This merging of ideas could have been a success only by the sincere efforts of the team back in the time they started out.

Plans for Q 4 of 2017

~ On the other hand, in the year of 2017 for Q 4, there is stated to be real time presentation of the Abyss.

~ It is at the same time that you would be getting closer to the token sale as well.

Programme Schedule for the Year 2018, Q 1

~ The first quarter of 2018 has been allotted for starting the development on Abyss.

~ Such a scenario would give a chance to check the way gaming platform is going to work in the time to come.

~ In addition, individuals can see that there is an opportunity to add tokens.

~ This addition of tokens will however, remain valid to the crypto currency exchanges only.

Agenda for Q 2 and Q 3 of the Year 2018 for Abyss

~ As for both the quarters that is second and the third quarter of 2018, individuals shall witness a phase of platform development.

~ This phase of development is going to be in the active phase mode only.

~ Plans have also been made to make sure that there is a partnership agreement.

~ This partnership agreement is going to be solely with that of the gaming projects.

~ Finally, in the same year schedule has been made up to launch this project.

~ It is said that the launch of project will be only after all things have been set and working as per to the financial as well as the legal preparation done already.

Arrangement of Q 4 for the Year 2018

~ There will be many changes in the working style of the Abyss and all of them are meant to be for the betterment of the project.

~ As a matter of fact, individuals will get to see that the billing is in the form of unified bi - currency.

~ It is only during this time that very first version of Abyss platform will come in to the picture.

~ This would also mean API has been placed for project integration so as to make it work in a particular manner.

~ Every particular thing has also been set to make sure of the fact that there is first combination of the multi - level referral program in order to avoid confusion at the end of the day.

~ Finally and the most important thing here that you must keep in mind is a simple fact and it is that there is one of its kind unified system but it is only for the authorisation thus making it easier for every individual attached to the Abyss.

Q 1 to Q 4 of 2019 Schedule for Abyss

~ For the year 2019, plans have been made to develop Abyss platform thereby going to expand this project on a larger scale.

~ Introduction of internal CPA Network along with elaborate reporting system and socialization / personalization system will take place.

Schedule for 2020 from Q 1 to Q 4 for Abyss

~ In the year of 2020, there are plans to expand this platform in a functional way.

~ As a result of this, you can see that there will be accomplishments in joint game, syndicates, auction or the inspirational programs.

~ Program is being developed for evaluation as well as creation of content in all the quarters of 2020.

Plan of Abyss for 2020 and Later Years

~ In the year of 2020 and later, Abyss is stated to grow in to a bigger platform.

~ Plans have also been put in to place for it to become a crowd - funding platform.

A Great Team behind Abyss

Destiny.Games is the brain behind Abyss digital distribution platform because it is they who have developed this kind of a platform. Right from 2008, this Destiny Games has been one of the leading video game developer as well as publisher in Russia. This is the reason for development of Abyss that seems to have been made on a platform that is all about rewarding every one of its participants.

The team behind Abyss and Destiny Games in general has a great mix of experts so as to make Abyss the best platform in this gaming industry. You can check below names of the core team at Abyss apart from their designation.

List of the Names of the Core Team at Abyss

~ Founder of Abyss is - Konstantin “Sephiroth” Boyko - Romanovsky.

~ Vladimir Kurochkin is the President at Abyss.

~ Head of the Business Development is Alexander Zhigarenko while Executive Producer here is Artem “Shanni” Veremeenko.

~ Valdimir “Vampkill” Martynov is the Chief Technical Offer (CTO) and Maintenance Director is Anton Chertikovtzev.

~ Head of Customer Service is Evgeniy Kharchenko with the H R being Artem Savin.

~ Albert Tugushev is the Head of the Development Department with Tech Lead, Blockchain Engineer being Alexey Kobelev.

~ Finally, there is Lead Programmer and the name of this programmer is Ivan Panevin while Art - Director is Stepan Leshchenko.

~ New Alchemy and Velton . Zegelman are the partners.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

Till next time...

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