Omnitude - The Smart Platform That Connects Blockchain Technologies, eCommerce Platforms and Enterprise Systems


Omnitude is a blockchain smart platform that connects blockchain technologies, eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems involved in building end-to-end supply chains. Utilising Omnitude as an integration layer between existing systems enables rapid deployment of blockchain technology without the need to replace current systems.

The Omnitude platform will itself be open and transparent, enabling anyone to design and build Omnitude applications to integrate with existing solutions in eCommerce, supply chain and enterprise System.


It aims to create an ecosystem that is completely transparent. Also, creating accountable manufacturing and different supply chains come as an add-on.

It also aims to wipe off the existing trouble in the eCommerce fraud.

The feature of single identity usage with the help of which anyone can link themselves in any eCommerce website that is connected to Omnitude.

Blockchain Integration

The platform intends to stay open and completely transparent for the ones who wish to build or design different Omnitude applications that help in bringing out the convenience of the other eCommerce websites and supply chains.

Principles of Omnitude that will be suitable for your value:


Just like what we mentioned before, Omnitude provides a place for the fellow developers to get a discussion forum. It means Omnitude will allow the Blockchain projects to be integrated into this platform. There are two kinds of benefits that will be obtained, which is the benefit of having the business development and the benefit of cutting the expense.


With the rapid growth of technology, there will be so many things that will be discovered. Those innovations will be useful for you and your business. By getting along with the changes, you’ll get many benefits. The discoveries and other innovations will be very beneficial for the business. Thus, you can get more for the retail industry.


In this platform, Omnitude encourages the members to develop their innovations. Omnitude also encourages their members to improve the technology and make sure that their innovations will be useful in the real world for answering the challenges and also the problems that may occur in the world, especially in retail industry.


This is the best part of Omnitude, where you can get the innovations to be realized in a particular realization in the real world. This is a great thing since you can choose something that will be great for the market. With the realization of the innovations, the retail industry will get the solution for their problems.


With the expanding market of Blockchain and its development, it has been something that’s new for the world. When it comes to the best technology to support Blockchain, of course, Omnitude is in the first row. There are lots of benefits when you choose using this than another platform. This platform is suitable for any retailer and their industry. In this case, to get more info about Omnitude, you can access their update on their Twitter account

Features of Omnitude

When you’re talking about Omnitude’s core principles, then you have also to know their core features. In this case, there are some core features that are possessed by Omnitude that is suitable for you to develop your job and industry. In this case, you can also visit their Facebook page to learn more about their core values and activities in

Rapid blockchain technology will be highlighted. This point emphasizes in how the effective integration will be formed in the platform. Besides, the Omnitude platform will function as the middleware for the works. This means it will be a medium for the developers to engage.
With the openness and transparency features that are offered by Omnitude, you don’t have to be worried that your identity will be exposed to the third party. Your confidential data are safe and will not be disturbed. Especially for every transaction that is related to your payment and financial things, you’ll get them covered by Omnitude.
Omnitude develops Hyperledger, a great project that is connected to Linux. In this case, you’ll be able in expanding the opportunities for your business. You can also get the best experience since Hyperledger is certified and has the legal permission to operate. This certification means you’ll get better transaction and communication between the consumers and business owners.
Omnitude will not only develop their apps but also will allow the users to develop their apps. In this case, the innovations and development from the users will improve the quality of Omnitude’s business.
The users will have OID or the Omnitude ID that will enable you to get the best access to authentication and other accesses. In this case, you will be safer when doing the transaction and other things on this platform.
The helpful apps will be great for your development. In this case, your retail industry will thank a lot to the solutions that are offered by Omnitude. The solutions are simple, easy to understand and will bring your business to a new level.


Omnitude will be built on top of Hyperledger, the open source, global, collaborative project hosted by The Linux Foundation. Hyperledger is a permissioned blockchain protocol which enables business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions.

The Hyperledger architecture provides core blockchain services, on which the Omnitude ecosystem is built. The Omnitude ecosystem will be made up of a variety of entities, including those mentioned above (i.e. merchants, customers, suppliers, couriers

ECOM token

An ECOM token will be launched alongside the Omnitude platform. Merchants, customers and suppliers will require ECOM, crypto currency or FIAT to participate in the Omnitude ecosystem.

The initial ECOM tokens issued

will be used to fund the development of the Omnitude platform and ecosystem, incentivise participants to operate and secure this ecosystem and create a common settlement method for people to participate in the Omnitude ecosystem.

Ticker: ECOM

Tokens: 100,000,000 ECOM

Inflation: $0.40 USD/ECOM10

Private pre-sale cost: $0.40 USD/ECOM

Private pre-sale cap: 10 million ECOM (4 million USD)

Token Sale cost: $0.46 USD/ECOM

Token Sale hard cap: 45 million ECOM (20.7 million USD)

Token sale will require pre-registration with KYC and $50k USD limit per person.Following 1st round, unsold tokens will be made available to all those registered with each individual able to purchase another $50k USD worth of ECOM until sold out. This will repeat until the 5th round at which point the token sale will end if still not sold out.

Road Map


Chris Painter, Founder & CEO

Robert Belgrave, Founder & Advisor

Benjamin Van Every, Blockchain Consultant

James Worthington, Hyperledger Consultant

Ben Bennett, Operations Director

Jon Harris, Brand Director

Lianne Byrne, Marketing Director

Greg Painter, Community Manager

Andrew Starmer, Project Manager

Advisory Board

Michael Donald, Advisor

Simon Cocking, Advisor

Antony Welfare, Advisor

Tiago Henriques, Cybersecurity Advisor

Sahil Gupta, Advisor

Blockchain Mob, Advisors

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