A storm has hit the investment market which we are not going to recover from. Crypto investment is that storm. With strict capital controls in place by most countries to control the flow of money and charge high taxes, cryptocurrency gained usage in circumventing capital controls and taxes, leading to an increase in demand. Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies. Offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, investors have been prudent enough to add these currencies in their diversified portfolios as an asset, as the size of the market does not represent a systemic risk. Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, Monoreto, a platform that allows users to benefit from using it without intermediaries has arrived.


Monoreto is a social network that wants to reward users posters for their original content. This is a social network where users pay to like the posts that they really like and help boost the creators of original content and reward them in the process. Users who pay to give likes also move up in the feed.

Each like costs at least 5 cents in tokens. By giving likes you promote your account in the newsfeed (as well as by receiving likes), get a part of the platform's profit and other benefits. Zero transaction costs and all the mechanisms to motivate liking mean a lot of use cases (direct profit without ads, crowdfunding, charity, online quizzes with cash prizes etc).

A lot of mechanisms to motivate giving likes and spend tokens are the main innovation of Monoreto:

When you put likes you also promote your own account in the newsfeed (along with accounts that receive many likes)

If you put many likes you can get a part of Monoreto's weekly profit

If you can transfer tokens with a "like" it is much easier to raise funds for businesses. Monoreto is a Kickstarter with zero transaction costs. When you see a great project and tap like button you can get some benefits from it (i.e. being among the first who get the product, visiting this project events as VIP or whatever else)

Same goes with charity. People do want to help each other. But if it is not too much time-consuming and difficult. In Monoreto one like can help people and even save a life

By liking photos, you participate in forecast competitions. Like photos with a certain hashtag or from a certain category, and if they get the majority of votes (likes) you win and get prizes

Monoreto makes it possible to hold online quizzes just like in HQ Trivia. The main distinction, in Monoreto there is no need for ads. So, a winner's pot in Monoreto online quizzes can be made from small users' contributions (1-5 cents or more)

In this way, Monoreto goes further than existing platforms with monetization of likes. The team creates a social network that will make the process of transferring funds as easy and profitable as possible. That is why the number of Monoreto's use cases is limited only by our imagination.

Problem and Solution

The majority of social networks have an exclusively one-sided type of user interaction:

If a user likes something, it is free support for the author who doesn’t have reverse feedback.

If the author is famous, desire to further promote the author is reduced because of the volume of likes that have already been received.

When 1 like = 5 cents in tokens, this problem becomes greater since real money that the user will have to part with is being deducted.

To solve this problem, a team of experienced Monoreto specialists decided to base their product on a simple and understandable mechanism to promote giving likes. The main point is that both content creators and users get benefits. The more likes the user gives, the higher his own rating on the user chart becomes. A low cost for likes allows people to do what they “like” and also gives them something to compensate for the fact that they are transferring money to do so.

Another serious problem faced by social media content users is the high number of advertisement posts. Young audiences strive to search out information on their own and are thereby annoyed by excessive advertising.

To solve this problem the Monoreto network will help talented authors break free from dependence on advertising. If content popularity is sufficiently high, authors will get a large number of monetized likes. This will promote relations between content makers and followers and increase audience loyalty as a result of the reduction in annoyingadvertisement posts.

When monetizing likes becomes possible, this problem will become more serious because:

The rightsholder might not get revenue from his own product.

There is a possibility that a user who wants to support a creative person he likes will end up dealing with a scammer, be disappointed, and refrain from supporting others in the future.

In order to solve this problem, the Monoreto team will develop an automated mechanism to check content uniqueness when it is uploaded to the social network.

Monoreto Benefits For User

• Gives every user the opportunity to earn from posting photos and videos

• Increases the significance and value of likes and improves the overall quality of content

• Reduces the need for blogger ads as a monetization method

• Makes fake likes and bots unprofitable

The Main Distinction Monoreto With Other Social Network


Traditional social networks do not pay their users for the content generated.


User receives MON-tokens for each like got!

Progressive Solutions

Manage your account and earn

Like and become popular

Raise funds

Participate in charity

Advertise your business in an effective way

Use Cases

Blog and earn

The price of a Like in MON tokens is tied to the equivalent in US dollars — 5 cents.

Like and become popular

Like more and get into the Monoreto Top.

Raise funds for your start-up

Like monetization allows to raise funds and invest.

Monetization of Daily Use by Regular Users

Monoreto will make communication even easier and more convenient. Every Monoreto user will get modern social networking tools:

Improved timeline of posts with photos and videos.

Comments on posts to keep in contact with followers • Stories function, which allows for creation of photos and 10-second videos with overlaid text, emojis, and handwritten notes.

Live broadcasts that give the opportunity to talk about important things with followers at any time.

Why Monoreto Different With Other Social Network?

Every Monoreto user will get the opportunity to earn money for managing his personal account. Posting quality photo and video content will allow users to earn cash rewards along with likes from followers and other people. Users will also be able to rate other content with the help of likes if this will promote their accounts in the newsfeed. This will lead to posts getting more likes from the same users. Unlike most other social networks, Monoreto will see winners among not only those who gain popularity but also among those who are sincerely ready to support authors of quality content.

Development Plan for the Platform

A bonus for the first 500,000 users of Monoreto in the amount of 23% of the total pool of MON tokens is planned as part of the initial launch of the social network in order to stimulate development of the platform. Our team will continue improving mechanisms used for direct advertising and the smart feed where direct marketing is developed. This part of the platform is oriented towards working with large suppliers of advertising services. After the initial market is created, continued marketing efforts will be directed at a steady increase in the number of participants in the ecosystem.

Fundraising Campaign and Token Distribution Fundraising Campaign Plan The Monoreto development team is currently working on the platform and preparing a fundraising campaign. The MNR app token will be released under the ERC-20 standard with limited release in order to hold the fundraising campaign. Distribution of tokens will be done by a smart contract. Raised funds will be used to launch the platform and to develop it further, to finance advertising and marketing, and to regulate the platform’s operation.

The distribution campaign for MNR ERC-20 tokens (pre-ICO) is scheduled to start on 10 May 2018 and continue to 10 June 2018. MNR tokens available during the pre-ICO period will be distributed no later than 1 month after the crowdfunding campaign begins or until the pre-ICO hard cap is reached. The campaign’s launch date will be posted on the website, on social networks, and on other channels.

Pre-ICO Soft Cap: $200,000 Pre-ICO Hard Cap: $800,000 During the pre-ICO, distribution of 6% of tokens with a 50% discount from the ICO price excluding ICO discounts (2.5 cents) is planned. If the pre-ICO soft cap isn’t reached, all funds raised will be returned. If the soft cap is reached, an ICO will be held and is scheduled to take place from 15 August 2018 to 30 September 2018. ICO Soft Cap: $1,000,000 ICO Hard Cap: $15,000,000 57% of tokens are planned to be distributed during the ICO with discounts depending on when the tokens are purchased. If the ICO soft cap is not reached, all funds collected during the ICO will be returned.

Token Details

Token Ticket MNR

Pre-ICO start and finish dates 10 May 2018 – 10 June 2018

ICO start and finish dates 15 August 2018 – 30 September 2018

Token Supply No more than the hard cap

Our token MNR

MNR is ERC20-compliant app token with limited emission. Each Like promotes your account in the news feed along with popular ones. Besides, you can pay by MNR for advertising on the platform. The possibility of convertation of MNR to internal tokens MON in equal proportions after the launch of the platform is under consideration.

Distribution of Tokens and Collected Funds

Token Distribution

• 23% to initial platform users

• 11% remains the company’s share

• 3% used for bounty prizes

The smart contract mechanism allows indicated proportions to be maintained including in the case that less money is collected during the crowdsale than is planned. Accordingly, there won’t be an increase in the team’s share if this happens.

Distribution of collected funds after the Token Sale:

• 50% for development of the Monoreto platform

• 25% for marketing and advertising applications

• 15% for future development of the Monoreto platform

• 10% in expenditure on legal regulations

• 63% to crowdsale participants

Token Info

Token | MNR

Platform | Ethereum

Type | ERC20

PreICO price | 1 MNR = 0.025 USD

Price in ICO | 1 MNR = 0.05 USD

Investment info

Min. investment | 0.1 ETH

Accepting | ETH

Distributed in ICO | 63%

Soft cap | 200,000 USD

Hard cap | 800,000 USD


Pre-ICO bonus - 50% (10.05 -10.06)

ICO bonuses - up to 20% (15.08 - 30.09):

15.08 - 20%

16.08 - 17.08 - 15%

18.08 - 28.08 - 10%

29.08 - 10.09 - 5%

11.09 - 30.09 - 0%

Tokens for sale | 500,000,000

Bonus System for Distribution of MNR Tokens

Bonuses by Time of Purchase


Q2 2017

Research needs of market.

Research of platform launch on the international market.

Creation of draft platform design.

Q3 2017

Development of marketing innovation mechanism inside platform Monoreto.

Resolving questions of technical realization of the platform and its scaling.

Q4 2017

Preparation to blockchain technology use in project.

The beginning of work on Whitepaper.

Engagement of consultants.

Project introduction to potential users.

Development of ITO campaign for raising funds.

Overview of technological solutions of the platform and its positioning.

Development of media plan and marketing research.

Q1 2018

Beginning of marketing campaigns on tokens sale.

Organization of Monoreto’s community.

Presentation of project and integration into mass media.

Q2-Q3 2018

Presentation of functional core of platform.

Start of fund raising to bring product to world market.

Presentation of project to holders of tokens at international level.

Completing distribution of tokens.

Beta-version of product.

Q4 2018

Monoreto Investment.

Launching escrow system.

Smart contracts within the platform

Q1-Q3 2019

Unlock 20% of tokens for first users from platform development fund.

Designing effective smart feed tools to promote users.

Developing mobile application.

Translation to additional languages.

Meet The Amazing Team

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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