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BitPenta is an online trading platform specializing in providing profitable cryptocurrency investment and bitcoin mining solutions. Our investment platform which is a product of careful preparation, fruitful work and vigorous activity in this area has allowed the company to generate an effective team of technical and financial experts in the field of bitcoin mining and cryptocurrencies trading and get a practical experience on a larger scale.

BitPenta Limited opened its door for an offer of highly profitable investment opportunity for everyone. BitPenta offers the best conditions in the international market of investment and trust management. Our vision is develop healthy relationships with our clients and makes BitPenta Limited the finest investment company providing quality service and lucrative returns on your investments.

The BitPenta platform is entirely based on trust. It is the platform for future saving and also a way to earn daily profits and live a secured life. With this platform we wish to develop a healthy client relationship by offering quality services and lucrative returns. Our professional traders will trade for you giving you the best possible margins on daily trades and the best part is that our day trading loss is not implemented on your accounts. We will bear all the losses for you because we are here to provide you secured and trustworthy revenue so the risk are a minimum.


BitPenta Benefits

• Hourly Profit

• Instant Withdrawal

• 24/7 SupportUser-Friendly Interface

• Expert Advisors

• Secured Platform

• Beginner Friendly 3-Level Investment Plan

• 3-Level Referral Plan

BitPenta Investment

Plan BitPenta offers 3-level investment opportunities. These plans will prove to be highly profitable even for a beginner by adding more potential to the investment


Min. Amount 0.001 BTC Max. Amount 2 BTC


Min. Amount 2.001 BTC Max. Amount 5 BTC


Min. Amount 5.001 BTC Max. Amoun No Limit

Secured Platform

The BitPenta platform offers best conditions of investment and trust management in the international market and follows best practices for Cryptocurrency trading and Bitcoin mining services.

Customer Support

With 24/7 monitoring and client support services, our Customer Executives are always available to assist you.


Our ICO is raising funds to invest in trading and mining sector to boost daily and secure income with our loyal and experienced professionals. We are going to raise funds for future revenue for our beloved clients and for other individuals who have always had good faith on our professional and high-skilled team.

BitPenta Token

• Token Name BITPENTA

• Token Symbol PENTA

• Price 1 ETH = 1400 Penta

• Total Supply 9 Million

• Penta Community 93%

• Bonuses & Bounties 10%

Token Distribution

Token sales



27th MARCH, 12:00PM UTC

2nd APRIL, 12:00PM UTC

1 ETH = 1400 x 32% = 1848 PENTA

Bonus: 32% (576,000 Penta)

Supply: 1800000 Penta + 576,000 Penta = 2,376,000 Penta

Contract: 0x307453cee8fbe4bcf044b8a85dfc9f6ceb041a76

Penta Token Development & Distribution
Funds acquired from the ICO will be utilized to develop the different sectors of the BitPenta platform.
• Development of Mining & Trading: 70%
A major part of the funding which we will collect from the ICO will be implemented
on mining sector to get secure profits and take the business to a higher level for our clients.
• Marketing: 10%
10% of the funding which we will collect from the ICO will be implemented on the marketing sector. The crypto-coin market is already getting too crowded and in order to be best we would require being unique and effective with our marketing.
• Litigation: 9 %
9% of the funding which we will collect from the ICO will be implemented on the litigation sector. Since cryptocurrency is a new and evolving area of law, it is essential to keep working on the Litigation and Dispute Resolutions part to assist with any contentious matter.
• Security: 11 %
11% of the funding which we will collect from the ICO will be implemented on the security sector to make the BitPenta platform safer and secured so there is no breach of security or theft of the cryptocurrencies owned


MARCH 2005 - OFFLINE Business Operation starts

APRIL 2017 - Formed Online Investment & Referal plans

MAY 2017 - Development Starts for online project

MARCH 2018 - ICO Launched

APRIL 2018 - BitPenta Token available for trade on exchanges BitPenta Token will be avaiable for trade on exchanges right after the ICO ends.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.

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