BehaviourExchange - Identifying Online Visitors and Customizing Website Content In Real-Time In Relation To E-commerce

Hi friends, let me let you on an incredible news… It’s about BehaviourExchange and Identifying Online Visitors and Customizing Website Content In Real-Time In Relation To E-commerce!


BehaviorExchange is a blockchain-based platform that uses blockchain and big data technologies to identify online users and customize website content to your preferences.

Now in this article, with the definition presented above it is safe to say that E-commerce is changing and will continue to grow and thrive as the market moves along with projects like BehaviorExchange in the works.

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The future of Ecommerce is uncertain, but some things remain constant – delivery times will improve, customer service will get increasingly better, and product selection will become ever greater.

The Ecommerce experience is due to become decidedly more physical, sensory and immersive and many would argue it’s a shift that’s long overdue. After all, despite even Amazon’s tremendous success, its e-commerce interface remains not much more than a sophisticated digital catalogue of goods, offering little in the way of a shopping experience. Well, BehaviourExchange will offer all the significant information with respect to the web explorer to the different sites. The platform is here to help the B2C businesses around the globe. Portraying the guest's statistic and psychographic conduct, organizations will focus on their clients in an innovative manner. They want to become the alternative to Google Adsense. Describing themselves as the platform for consumer profiles, they want to harness the potential of blockchain technology to their advantage.

The BehaviourExchange platform will utilize the ability of huge knowledge for his or her specific task, they need to design a novel system which can facilitate several B2C corporations. Their Content Exchange platform is already running in Europe during which two hundred media website taking part and their interaction define the progress of the platform.

How does it work?

Clients visit sites that utilization the BEX widget. The widget records every one of guests' visits and guest conduct in the "Big Data" exchange database, at that point the information is handled by the intelligent profile platform and the saved personal profile database.

The company installs the code on its website to start the service. As soon as a Bec cookie visitor visits your site, the service will report directly to the website, which will automatically display the content depending on the user's profile.

Token Sale and ICO

The name of the token is denoted by the symbol BEX and the users will be rewarded with BEX tokens for sharing their personal data. The Bex token sale is currently live on the platform.

Symbol: BEX

ICO period: from June 2018

Planned token price: 0.10 US $

Planned maximum limit: 21,000,000 USD

Currency of purchase: ETH, BNB (Binance Coin), USD, EUR

Tokens are sold-out to the general public are 67% of the whole token. BEX Token personal sale is continued to exit the platform. The dates for the ICO square measure nonetheless to be declared. 45% of the funds is spent on the analysis & development of the platform whereas 35% of the funds are spent on the promoting and sales. The team is full-fledged within the money service and therefore the blockchain technology.

Why It will benefit Investors like you

The offering cost of the token is just 0.1 dollars and with the request of investors it is normal that the cost of the token will increase. At that point, as an investor, you can unquestionably profit by it.

BehaviourExchange's targets are a great many organizations and B2C organizations that have extensive and demanding markets. In this way, it could most likely wind up being an awesome achievement, so investors can likewise profit by it.

Check out these videos illustrating and depicting the core benefits of BehaviourExchange:

For Visitors

For Companies

In A Nutshell

Organizations can essentially get what they have to get a handle on with respect to their clients. Organizations can have higher learning and experiences with respect to their clients which can encourage them manufacture higher choices in their advertising and promoting. The group has focused on the conduct feature of an explorer to shape a perfect profile for the specific business environment. Thinking about every one of the odds, trust in the identification system created by the platform which is a win-win situation for everyone within the system.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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