How to buy Cryptokitties, step by step

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Cats within the Blockchain? A feline ecosystem within the ethereum network that is causing a big marketplace.

Hello Steemians, I hope you are having a very happy Steemit_. If you are landing in Steemit, do not hesitate to ask me for help(in under the same name) and as soon as I can, I will answer you. Since some time ago I have been following the news within the different ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. One of this news, is a kind of a remake of those famous digital pets that appeared a few years ago(the tamagotchi). In this opportunity, although it is not such a vital subject for me, I decide to carry out a step-by-step guide on how to acquire these kittens.ómo-Jugar-Criptokitty.jpg

Cryptokitties - Cats living and breeding within Ethereum blockchain

It is interesting to see how far the "limits of creativity" can go when it comes to virtual currencies. I think this is just the beginning. Most likely we will see thousands of things in the future. The company Axiom Zen has created these smart contracts on top of the Ethereum network. They have given them special parameters and have created a platform that until today, is having a notorious success. Cats can be bought and matched with other cats, to give birth to new cats. They come for generations as time pass by. Those who managed to buy those of the first generations, can place them for sale for values higher than 30 ETH (equivalent to $13,470). This fashion is just beginning and it seems that it will grow to unprecedented levels. For those like me, who are lovers of online video games, we might consider the option as entertainment and long-term investment.

Requirements to get a CryptoKitty in order to follow this tutorial

  • Google Chrome installed.
    • STEEM or SBD within your Steemit wallet or Ethereum coins.
    • Love for digitals pets(Not required. It can be considered as a business as well.)
    • It is a complex process for beginners. Patience is required.

Buying the cats

Disclosure: My main language is Spanish, this is why you will notice bilingual explanation within the images.


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[Ampliar - Enlarge][i7]


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[Ampliar - Enlarge][i9]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i10]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i11]


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[Ampliar - Enlarge][i13]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i14]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i15]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i16]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i17]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i18]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i19]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i20]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i21]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i22]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i23]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i24]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i25]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i26]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i27]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i28]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i29]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i30]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i31]


[Ampliar - Enlarge][i32]

After completing all those steps you will get a cryptocat. You can go much deeper, as you read more guides and content about this subject.

Final thoughts and recommendations

  • In case of doubts, errors or failures, please contact the support service in their Discord channel.
  • You must understand that you will be playing with real money. Always invest what you are willing to lose, to minimise risks and headaches.
  • The potential of this project is enormous, as far I can see. There is a large population of people worldwide who, no offence, "they fill many gaps using online games". That's why I can assure you that this will continue to grow.
  • I would love to see initiatives like this, in our STEEM network. In case you do not know, our network has a much better handling of transactions than the Ethereum network itself. In Steemit, no commissions are charged.
  • You may see the cat's attributes within this website, so you may choose better.

Thanking for your time to read this posts, I say good-bye for now. STEEM ON, boys and girls.

PS: You may send me a request in order to send you an invitation to the game.

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Saturno Mangieri - Asesor de Tecnologías Blockchain
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