Zappl Bitshares Crowd fund

Zappl now has an asset on Bitshares and will be issuing shares of which will help with the development. Once a stable revenue Stream has occurred we will start buying back the shares. It will likely be between 3-4 months depending on how well the launch go's with user activity.


The idea is to create a censor resistant decentralized micro-blogging application that sits on top of the Steem Blockchain. This will allow people to quickly give updates to their life and get some value back in doing so. With the Attention Economy fresh upon us, and we are all striving to achieve a new way to bring to the masses ,but we also wanted to usher in the Activity Economy. One is not exclusive to the other ,but can handshake with each other.

Desired Outcome:

Proposed Development Schedule : (9 weeks )
  • IOS: 480 hrs
  • ANDROID: 480 hrs
  • Website: 480 hrs
  • API: 210 hrs
  • ADMIN : 180 hrs
  • Mockup Designing & UI Freezing: 50 hrs

Find out more about projects and features here:

Zappl Decentralized Micro-blogging Social Media Website.
Bringing A Twitter Like Service to SteemIt.
Sneak peak video of Zappl

Buy back Revenue Stream:

How do we plan on buying back the shares?

Well the issued asset has a market fee of 0.5% and on launch of we will be taking a cut from users post between 15-25% until it becomes more active. Once it becomes more active the percent share of each post will then go down. We're hoping to do our first buy back one month after the launch of, assuming the earnings are enough.

Those who already donated to us please leave a comment with your bitshares address and we will send you ZAPPL In the amount of SBD you contributed already. Also those who donated STEEM it was converted into SBD so the amount from the convert is what you will get in ZAPPL.

On launch of the asset it is:

1 ZAPPL for 1 bitusd
1 ZAPPL for 1 SBD

You can currently find the asset at:

The Zappl Team

Our social media profiles and misc:
Twitter Facebook Discord Patreon

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Greatly look forward to this project and if you don't have a bitshares account yet you can get one and sign up here:

Anyone is welcome to reach out to me if I may be of assistance.
~ @virtualgrowth

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Nice looking site ill check it out.

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