Summer plan for the golos and steem blockchains.

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This is what ill be working on and hopefully be finished with the end of the summer.
September 13th is my goal to have most if not all of this done.

Projects and Goals for this summer:

Finished spring goals then time go onto summer goals.
Custom CMS that will allow Posting to Steem and Golos front ends included with a blog.
Custom wordpress plugin to allow seamless ability to post to steem / golos front ends.
My own website with a Steem / Golos feed custom blog with resources for the block chains.
Finish my own version of Squeek / Screem relaunch in a timely manner with mobile apps.

  • Might be set up for both Golos and Steem block chains.

Tipping solution that works with Steem connect currently going over the details.
Finish designs i have for Golos and Steem front ends I'm working with.

These are my goals for the end for the summer whether or not i get them done is a whole other thing. Cheers to progress, but let me know some of your summer goals are this year.

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