[Fixed]Small spacing issue with english translated golos.io

There is a small issue with spacing with the English translated version.
Currently there's a spacing issue between time posted and by.


It should have a space that looks like this.


I'm not sure if you guys are currently aware of this issue or if it has been brought up.
Not trying to step on toes just thought id go around the site checking things to make sure they are working right. Ill continue to look over the site to try and help as best i can get everything that needs fixing found. Please feel free to ask for any help if you guys need it.

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Heh. I kept reading it as 'agoby' and wondered who that was. :-)

02.04.2017 01:51

A Secret spy i bet called "agoby".

02.04.2017 05:36

Thanks for the report. You are more than welcome, to always open issues on our github page:


02.04.2017 13:18

Oh for sure ill keep this in mind.

02.04.2017 14:19