My time on and my plans to help the platform.

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To start off i joined Golos because i thought it looked fun. Not being able to read Russian i soon found out quickly that there was an English translation. I noticed many issues, errors and i decided to update it my self pushing some updates. Now many of the issues have been fixed and i am currently looking over the other languages and will be posting updates soon.

I also decided to try and find more developers to help out with the development of Golos. So you will be seeing much more from me. If anyone has any issues let me know ill be happy to talk to the developers about the issues you're having. That or make a post and I'm sure a developer will help you sooner or later. 

I'm Currently working with someone who will be making a Golos based casino, possible ebay style sites and much more to come. So please feel free to drop an up vote and a follow. Also join us on discord and on the new Reddit i made for Golos.  |

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Well, I'm working to develop a multivendor p2p marketplace for GOLOS. At a moment studying the possibility of through authorization, and token transfer.

06.04.2017 19:35

Oh that sounds like an interesting idea made a post on it yet?

06.04.2017 20:27

Have not yet done any posts about it. Don't like to get ahead.

07.04.2017 05:13