Latenight Adventures Of A Degenerate

So lately i haven't been sleeping to well I've been working on normal work things. I find my self really distracted by Steem and Golos related projects in the community. Ive been braining storming many new ideas to get more people into the Steem and Golos community. In my findings i have found money is the big attraction for the developers, bloggers and investors I know. So Ive been bringing the subject up more and more to the people around me. Current Ive gathered three development teams which are currently seeing what the community needs, wants and what is needed now in the community. They are mostly react, react-native / react-native-web developers which have large portfolios.

I have also been talking to many YouTubers and Streamers I know to get them on these networks. Many like the ideas but the current platforms aren't friendly to universal users in any way what so ever. The designs are bad and aren't user friendly at all and most people can't even seem to find the permissions or password page because for some reason it was a good idea to stick them in the wallet and not settings. There is also a lack of information from both sites that logging in with the main password generated by the sites is not a good idea. So now I find my self having to explain the sites constantly to people. Its not really an issue having to do so but it gets annoying when you get asked 40 times a day the same questions over and over again when it could easily be addressed on signup on both networks. Even addressing it after signup is still a good idea.

That's enough of that rant i just find my self working with many projects already with people on both networks. So its starting to take up more of my time that i could be using on other things oddly. I'm starting to not mind as much. I have also been working with Nate's code from Screem / Squeek to get it relaunched possibly with in the next month or so. It will likely need to be redone in react / react-native and will be getting an app if all go's well and you could possibly see a version even show up for Golos. Speaking of Golos i took the time to make a Subreddit for it which any one is free to post on as well as making a Discord for everyone all over the web to use.

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