How To Login To Golos Correctly. Proper password management

To start if you're seeing this in

You're putting your account at risk and the reason is if you get hacked you're giving them access to every key you own on golos. But don't panic ill teach you what you need to do.

Steps you will need to take for making your account more secure:

  • Secure your main password you made when first signing up somewhere no one will find it.
  • Show Your post private key by clicking the button and copy to a place no one else can find it.
  • Show Your active private key by clicking the button then copy to a safe place.
  • You can copy the memo private if you need to but you likely won't need it.
  • Now copy your private posting key and use that as your password to login.

Once logging in and going back to the permission page it should look like this.

Whats the reason why you logged in to your post private key?

  • This key is used only for posting, voting and following.

Well then whats my active key used for?

  • This key is used to place orders and to deal with transfers in the wallet.

You only need to use your active key to confirm transaction or trades.
If you follow this guide you will be less likely to have your account stolen.

The site currently don't inform users about this current subject so i hope this helps.

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