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Id like to congratulate @dan and @ned for your Steemit hitting one year old.
Yes i realize dan has left but this should be a happy day for all.

I'm a really new user i only joined in the last 8 days and Ive been treated so well. I will now be helping the community in the best way i can and know how. So i would like to say thank you to everyone who has the made of my new journey with Steemit pretty amazing.

Even tho its been so little time since i joined I'm pretty happy that i have joined right before the one year. Now i can count my self as an early adopter of this amazing platform. I really can't wait till we see the time when we have 1 million users, and hope we can all learn to rely on each other as the platform gets shaken up over time.

Anyways thank you guys for taking the time to read the rant of a Steemit Newbie.

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