Airbnb Bans Host Who Dumped Guest Because She’s Asian -Who Noted this is why we have trump-

Video from the young lady who had to deal with this situation.

Those who don't have time to watch the video here you go.


"I beg for people to think about if such discrimination can happen to a light-skinned cis East Asian woman who is in law school, middle class, in a heterosexual relationship, able-bodied, is a U.S. citizen, and Christian, how much harder it must be for people who are less-advantaged and please stand with them,” she wrote. she wrote.

Its a damn shame when people are using political opinions to oppress others.

One can be pretty happy to hear airbnb is taking this claims and situations pretty seriously.

Do you think airbnb acted correctly by banning this host or do you feel the owners actions were right?

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