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The problem or a cause of appearing of this project.

The  international association Oxfam, which deals with the solution of  poverty problems, published the next research about the material  stratification in the society at the close of the economic forum in  Davos.It  has been that 82% of the world’s wealth is owned by 1% of the world’s  inhabitants. In last year’s Oxfam report, it was said that the capitals  of the world’s eight richest people and 50% of the population equaled.The  Oxfam Executive Director Winnie Byanyima said, the growth and  concentration of capital the 1% of the population means not the economic  growth, but the failure of the system.Experts of the Davos forum recognize the problem of social inequality as the most topical among the 50 global risks.The  Club of Rome believes that in the 1980s there was a degeneration of  capitalism, within which the main source of income became financial  speculation. This was one of the reasons for the global financial crisis  of 2008–2009, but the bankers not only maintained their positions, but  also emerged victorious: “they had made themselves” too big to fail”- or  to go to jail.”The situation now is that 98% of all financial transactions are speculative.Recently,  the International Monetary Fund published a statement, from which it is  clear from it that too large an inequality of wealth prevents economic  growth.[3]  However, the most extraordinary discovery is probably that even the  wealthy suffer as a result of excessive inequalities of wealth.The  such a catastrophic wealth stratification leads to the social and  economic cataclysms. This situation can be compared to a “compressed  spring”.

Work becomes a perk.

The  Foxconn factory,the manufacturer of iPhones for Apple, reduced the  number of employees from 110,000 to 50,000,by using robots. This has  helped to reduce labour costs.In 2010 the cost of assembling an iPhone was 4$.The  mobile phones assembling factory of the Chinese company Changying  Precision Technology has reduced its personnel by 90% and has increased  in production by 250% at the same time. And the quality of the products  improved by 80%.The  Amazon is the fastest growing business changing the rules of the game  in logistics, marketing, advertising and trade. Shipping by drones and  the first store without cash registers — excellent service, but  increasingly displacing people from their workplaces.Unmanned  vehicles and ships will leave tens of millions of people without work  all over the world and this is the perspective of the next 5 years.Similar  news appears every day. All of this sounds like a warrant for a person  and predicts an imminent and real social nightmare.

So there are two topics to be discussed in one of the closed forums on AI:
1.  They made a bot that lures girls into intimate photos: success rate is  4%, average time is 16 thousand characters in the dialogue to success,  failures break off at the 5th thousand. It was trained in a sample of  200 live dialogues, then self-learning on a random sample of 2k, as a  result for 200k dialogues is 8k luck. Language- English, age 20 to 30,  white, Eastern Coast of the United States.
2. Bot-beggar, panhandling to 5 bucks on peypal, collected (ATTENTION !!!) 15k bucks for 24 hours. Discuss two aspects:
- Hooray, you can hack not IT, but through social engineering.
- Is it ethical to make such experiments on actual people.
Denis Dovgopolyi

Go  is one of the oldest board games. Until recently, it was believed that  the computer is not able to play on an equal footing with a professional  player because of the high level of abstraction and the impossibility  of searching through all the available variants of the development of  events — exactly the number of permissible combinations in the game on  the standard hoban is greater than the number of atoms in the observable  universe.One  of the founders of programming Alan Turing seriously took a great  interest in playing Go. The AlphaGo system DeepMind from Google won 3  matches out of 4 from one of the world’s best players in Go Lee Sedol.  AlphaGo’s victory over Lee Sedol is often compared to the chess match  between the Deep Blue program and Garry Kasparov in 1997, where the  victory of the program created by IBM over the defending champion became  a symbolic starting point for a new era when computers surpassed people  in chess. Most specialists in artificial intelligence believed that  such a program would not have been created before 2020–2025.You  need to stop wasting time on survival and rivalry with progress.  Progress should serve a person, and not corner him. Progress should  liberate our time, and not take it away in a rivalry with it. You do not  have to race with mashines.

Ways to solve the problem.

Universal Basic Income or Unconditional Basic Income (UBI).Unconditional  Basic Income (Unconditional Main Income, UMI) is a social concept that  involves the regular payment of a certain amount of money to each member  of a certain community by the state or another institution. Payments  are made to all members of the community, regardless of income level and  without the need to carry out any works.

Supporters of UMI or what technological companies think about it.

Richard Branson / Virgin Group /

Stuart Butterfield / CEO of Slack /

Elon Mask / Tesla and SpaceX /

Pierre Omidyar / founder of eBay /

Mark Zuckerberg / founder of Facebook /

Sam Altman / President of Y Combinator /

Bill Gates / Microsoft /

Chris  Hughes / co-founder of Facebook / 

Raymond Kurzweil / tech. director of  Google, futurist and co-founder of Singularity University /

Andrew Yan-Tak Ng/ co-founder of the Coursera educational platform and chief research officer of Baidu /

“New  technologies, thanks to which the world continues to change  relentlessly, not only create new opportunities and bring big money, but  also conceal a real threat of reducing the huge number of jobs. That’s  why in the light of the forthcoming robotics, experiments with UBIs are  extremely important, “- Branson. The head of Tesla and SpaceX in an  interview with CNBC said that automation will inevitably lead to the  introduction of unconditional payments or similar cash benefits. Mask is  confident that such a transition will bring only positive  changes — people will perform more interesting tasks, and there will be  much more time for rest. The president of the startup accelerator Y  Combinator has repeatedly expressed support for the idea of  ​​unconditional payments and stressed that the robotic economy is just  around the corner. This year, Y Combinator will start issuing 100  randomly selected residents of Oakland, California, for $ 2000 a month  without any conditions. If desired, the participants of the experiment  can even leave the country — their payments will be preserved.In  February 2017, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar invested $ 493,000 in an  experiment with UBI in Kenya. Kenyans will receive payments within 12  years, and experts and scientists will evaluate the effect of UBI. Very  seriously for the concept of UBI are in the Silicon Valley. The idea  itself is far from new, but the creators and investors of technology  companies have become its most ardent supporters. After all, if robots  and artificial intelligence make unclaimed representatives of many  professions, a new universal system of guarantees will be required.

Independent research

The  German center Dalia Research annually conducts a survey of Europeans to  find out how they relate to UBI and how their opinions change with  time. The company compared the results with a similar study last year.  It turned out that EU residents began to know more about unconditional  payments and more often speak in their support. The poll of the center  was attended by 11 021 respondents aged 14 to 65 from 28 EU member  states. More than half of the respondents (68%) said they would support  the introduction of basic basic income if they held a referendum in  their country.In  2016, only 64% out of 10,000 respondents expressed their opinion as in  favour of the UBI.Only 8% of respondents believe in principle that the  state should not introduce UBI. At the same time, 33% of respondents  would like to see basic payments in their country as soon as possible.Similar  surveys were conducted by other European organizations. A survey by the  University of the Basque Country showed that only 54.4% of the  Europeans surveyed support the idea of UBI. The research organization  Trendhuis conducted a survey among the Flemish and found that 61% of  respondents approve of UBI.People  now need stability, because employment, pensions, savings, banks, the  stock market and the US $ have all discredited themselves.

“Only cretins or populists can deny that the modern economy is bloated” Konstantin Rovinskiy

New Social Contract.

There  is no doubt that humanity has come to an inevitable and fundamental  change in the paradigm of development. After the RIGHT TO LIFE, humanity  has come to another fundamental human right — THE RIGHT TO MONEY.

Poverty is not an absence of character, but a lack of money.

“Give  me the right to produce and control the country’s money, and it will  not matter to me who makes the laws!” — this phrase was uttered at the  beginning of the 19th century by Mayer Amschel Rothschild. This  testament was completed by his heirs.

Today, there is a struggle not against poverty, but against the poor. Resources and technologies are enough for the common good.The 1% monopoly held through state institutions and banks is not beneficial for 99% of the people.Inequality  cannot be eradicated a priori — we are all born with different  physiological and intellectual abilities, but we have the right to LIFE  and by birth we have the right to our share of the social GOOD.The  problem with all current initiatives, starting with the UBI and ending  with socialism (high taxes for the rich to distribute wealth to all), is  that it is impossible to redistribute the money already distributed.  People who own this money rightfully oppose its redistribution. And as  Margaret Thatcher said: “The problem of socialism is that sooner or  later you will run out of other people’s money.”

But  what if the money is not yet distributed? What if it does not need to  be taken from anyone? The true strength of a crypto-currency is its  ability to print and distribute money without centralized control.  (Daniel Jeffries)

The  founder of AngelList, Naval Ravikant, wrote on his Twitter account a  series of thesis posts devoted to blockchain technology. Some media have  already dubbed them “Manifesto of the blockchain”. ‘’The state-run  blockchain is meaningless” N. RavikantThe Planet project is a new social contract in which there is a place for EVERY person.


If  the law of universal progress does not manage to manifest itself,  nothing forbids us to enact it. For the first time in the history of  humanity, we have a way to create and distribute money without central  authority. Social network + Blockchain + UBICrypto messenger with purse with UBI.Current  crypto-currencies are meaningless and ugly. They are prototypes. They  are the toys of geeks, financial speculators and organized crime. But it  is the sole concept which allows the emissions, storage and transfer of  money while by-passing banks and state institutions.Today  it is ABSOLUTELY precarious to use crypto-currencies. If I make a typo,  or incorrectly copy and paste the address, then my money will disappear  forever. If I send one crypto-currency to the incorrect address, the  money will never return to me. The main purses are often not safe, and  are slow, complex and simply not fit for purpose. Using a crypto  currency for mutual settlements is unrealistic due to the  over-volatility of these currencies. Network load and speed are the  subject of individual CryptoKitties.The  average person will never be able to use a crypto currency in the form  in which they now exist. No crypto currency will be distributed unless  my child can use it. Crypto-gold and crypto-brilliants are “out of the  their depth” for ordinary people. In the struggle for the cryptopalm, no  one cares about cryptobread, and after raising a couple hundred million  on the ICO — it’s not the king’s business.Crypto currencies will not circulate until they are more convenient than the dollar.

Currently,  distributed protocols are already being tested, which exceed Visa’s  transaction capabilities and lack of shortcomings of Blockchain,  primarily scalability.

· The protocol uses ~ 1GB of mob. Tel.

· From 250 000 tps. The maximum speed of VISA transactions is 60 000 tps.

· Security and resistance to attacks.Stability and immutability.

· Absence of intermediaries.

Cryptopurse The Planet is simple and understandable that it’s ugly. Any grandmother can uses it.

The Planet  project allows you to take a fresh look at mining. Authorization of  users will take place over the smartphone. Each member of the network is  a miner and no one can possess more than one miner. Hand out money as a  reward for using the application — a purse. Everybody is mining UBI for  themselves. Now everyone can become the master of their money and of  the information about themselves.

The Planet  is the first system that can make the distribution of money affordable  for every person and can change the life for the better with the help of  using new technology, or at least simplify it. The more  participants,the more the effectiveness and the value of technology and  the network.“Networks have a” network effect. “Adding a new member increases the value of the network for all existing participants.”The whole point is how the money circulates when it is created.And  the first group of like minds who recognize this opportunity and  implement it will change the whole world. Crypto-currencies can become a  fundamental renewal of the world’s economic systems.Crypto  currency will brings us good and bad, as everything in our life.  Working on the crypto currency, we are building the world of the future.

10 minutes have elapsed.Thank you for your time — the only non-renewable resource. 

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