Wise Network — Utilizing the Internet of Things

Do you envision a world where your coffee machine can create the perfect cup every time without any intervention? Your AC will always be the right temperature depending on your mood? Things as simple as your car radio switching to another frequency because the song currently playing isn’t quite what you normally listen to?

This might sound like science fiction and might seem too good to be true. The truth of the matter is, technology like that is already all around us. Tesla has developed self-driving cars. The last time you watched a video on YouTube and promised yourself only one video, yet you end up watching over an hours’ worth of video. That is all due to smart algorithms that learn based on what your preferences are and suggest new videos.

Now imagine something like that, yet for everything in your household that can connect to the internet. Your car will be able to talk to your laptop about what your preferences are. The smartwatch that tracks your vitals will be able to talk to your alarm clock on when is the optimal time to wake you up without feeling drowsy.
There is a wealth of untapped processing power and data all around us called the Internet of Thing (IoT). These are everyday appliances that we take for granted and don’t give a second thought about. As technology continues to improve, our daily lives are more and more intertwined with multipurpose integrated circuits as today’s modern lifestyle forces mere appliances to do more than just what they are generally used for. A simple example of this would be a smart fridge. Nowadays, there are refrigerators that can detect whether food is moldy, or whether the temperature and airflow is optimal based on the current capacity of the fridge. When these sensors aren’t used, all this processing power that we take for granted is just left idle. Unutilized.

A group of engineers and scientists at Wise Network is developing a project that will utilize blockchain technology, along with neural network and deep machine learning to improve everyday quality of life. The project consists of embedding a specialized chip (ANZUS) that will allow these smart appliances to talk to one another and learn from the everyday habits of us humans.

Although the technology for deep learning and neural networks already exist, those individual platforms are pretty much isolated. The data is also kept in mostly centralized data centers belonging to big corporation. What the team at Wise is trying to do is utilize the blockchain technology to distribute the data between appliances in a mesh network, where the appliances do not have to contact a central server in order to update their programming. The information is stored all around them. This will result in a real-time adaptation of information.

Another property of blockchain is the security of the network. There is a concept of ‘Byzantine Fault Tolerance’. This is a test where if a third of the network were to suddenly shut down or become error-prone, it wouldn’t affect the system as a whole, and the system would recover. The research has proven time and time again that the blockchain technology is inherently byzantine fault tolerant. Nodes (in this case, the appliance) can come and go from the system as they like, and as a whole, this wouldn’t really affect the whole network that much.

This property also addresses the issue of scalability. People go and buy new appliances all the time, and old appliances get discarded. With the distributed nature of blockchain, this is now all possible without having to keep updating, removing and continuously modifying the data from a central server.

With the efforts being undergone by the team at Wise. All the above seem quite plausible, and tapping into an unutilized resource like this could have far more impact than just increasing the quality of life. The possibilities are quite literally endless.
Wise is strengthened by technology derived from ANSUZ Chip where the chip is developed more perfectly than a system based on analog-mixed-signal microchip (AMS-SoC). This chip is supported by 13 nanomoter IC integrated circuits for IoT and mobile networks. That way, Wise introduced its new concept, radio-based IoT Mesh Networking. Through this platform, Wise provides many interesting features to be considered for new users. This platform adopts the high-level nanotechnology currently available. As explained earlier, the technology used by Wise was strengthened by a 13 nanomoter chip. Even though its size is very small, it can’t even be seen directly by the eye, this chip has half a billion transistors inside it. This small size makes it easy for the chips to be embedded in any type of device. This platform uses a layered system by combining three components, including Ansuz as chip-shaped hardware, AI engine as software, and Wise, which is a utility token. This sophisticated technology is also equipped with the ability to maintain rotation power for two months using a pair of AAA batteries. That way, Wise can save more energy use in carrying out the process.

Wise also minimizes the occurrence of delays in data transmission or if there is a delay caused by network trouble through the use of AI machines. This software will facilitate the sending of large amounts of transaction data, even exceeding 5000 transactions in one second. By integrating the blockchain, the interaction between the low-level middle ware platform and the blockchain system can produce processes that can operate in synergy and provide high transaction speeds. Users can also access Geo-Location, Medical Data, and Weather Information via Wise because it is facilitated by B2B features.

In addition to these advantages, Wise also provides benefits through its use in everyday human activities. Wise can be used to facilitate users to make various payment transactions quickly and easily. Users can make toll and parking payments automatically and quickly just by using the Wise application. In addition, Wise also helps users to find parking locations easily and save more money for certain types of service transactions. Because this platform does not involve intermediaries in the logistics delivery process, Wise can save resources and increase effectiveness by distributing logistics through a distribution chain. Compared to conventional systems, products usually pass through various stages and parties so that it takes a very long time for the product to arrive at the user’s hands, such as the production process in the factory, QA, tracking, customs, and document checking. By implementing the M2M network, this system can be changed so that the distribution of goods can take place more simply.

Although this platform implements a highly sophisticated technology system, this does not make it difficult to use, especially for users who are just starting out. IoT devices that are connected to the Wise network will receive various data that is useful for users, for example transaction data. These data are true and reliable because they use cash book technology stored on the blockchain network. This data cannot be changed or manipulated in any way so that it can be verified.

Many other interesting things Wise gave to its users to make it easier for them to access various things easily. Even a farmer can take advantage of this technological sophistication and can access it wherever and whenever. He can receive information about climate condition monitoring sensors, greenhouse automation and adjusting conditions for necessary parameters, crop management, animal surveillance, and can use his data to increase contributions in the market or sell it.
For more information about WISE check the links below

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Youtube => https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9uQAInb_3IdCCa5L2up3NQ

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