Lucre Platform Ethereum

LUCRE is an exclusive automated trading platform for users of Cryptocurrency, which was created to outperform the strategy by simply holding Cryptocurrency.

Lucre was developed with great teams with 8 years of experience in algorithmic trading. The LUCRE algorithm is built on the existing philosophy.
allows trade in two ways in the long term and short term.

The great attraction of this project is the ability to generate income in all current market conditions, buying and selling at every opportunity felt by every user of Cryptocurrency.

Lucre also has a trading system using the Algo Trading method, which in this system will run on the existing Metatrader trading platform.
thus the token obtained by the sales participant will get an LCR token that will track Algo's performance. Each price will be updated regularly to accurately reflect the value of the underlying Crypto assets traded by Algo. A participant can trade on the exchange that will register an LCR token. This LCR token will only be sold during pre-sales and Token sales main events. No further tokens will be printed again after the Token sale is completed. So you who have had it feel proud of the token. which means this LCR token is Limited Edition.

The smart contract complies with the ERC20 standard token and can be used from any compatible Ethereum wallet owned by participants participating in the participation. Participants must remember that there is a risk of losing if they send Ether from an exchange or sell it on the platform they have used. Exchange does not offer the ability to interact with crowdsales in general. The wallet must be made outside of any exchange and Ether must be sent from the wallet to a crowdsale contract.

For each participant who wants to join the participants, they must first register for the LUCRE Token and get a white list (KYC / AML). After receiving the confirmation white list, participants then send funds (ETH) to the public address of the Token sales event. After receiving the funds, and after all the procedures that have been carried out, the LUCRE smart contract will automatically send the LCR Token to the sender's wallet / participant who has fulfilled the requirements. A portion of this fund is sent to the company's reserve fund wallet; At the end of the Token sale event, 40% of the funds received at the ETH were disbanded and transferred to the LUCRE Derivatives Trading account where trading was carried out by LUCRE Algo. Trading accounts are also related to third party systems where Algo performance can be verified 24X7.

For each trade carried out by LUCRE Algo, a signal will be sent to each participant who has contributed more than 1ETH during the Token sale. These signals can be used on the Metatrader terminal offered by crypto broker CFDs and in the future it will be available for crypto exchanges which also makes you no longer need to be confused about.

Daily performance calculations will take place and are posted on the LUCRE dashboard that is available on the platform.
• Total Token supply: 12 500 000 LCR
• Available for Purchase: 10 000 000 LCR
• Token Type: ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain
• Minimum Raise: $ 2 000 000
• Maximum Raise: $ 7 000 000
• 80% of the tokens was allocated to the participants (10 000 000 LCR)
• 14% for developers and company reserves (1 750 000 LCR)
• 3% for rewarding advisors (375 000 LCR)
• 3% is used on Bounty program and marketing (375 000 LCR)

Token Pre Sale Period: 15th Oct 2018 (30 days).
Token Main Sale Period: 14th Nov 2018 (4 weeks).
A substantial portion of the funds, 40%, will be dedicated to servicing on the development team and the creation of platforms.
Another 40% will be contributed in the Trading Pool to provide profits to the Token sale participants.
15% is for capex.
3% will be spent on marketing aimed at attracting new users to the platform, creating a community interested in the token and the service.
Remaining 2% for legal and compliance fees.

ICO Fund Distribution

Token Allocation
And at this time I will explain it to you about the info tokens with detailed details

Token Name LCR
PreICO Price 1 LCR = 0.77 USD
Price 1 LCR = 1 USD
Bonus Available
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
Soft cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap 7,000,000 USD
Situs web:
Twitter: https: //
My BTT;;u=1715436

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