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The following review, is a detailed summary and analysis about the Serenity Source Project. This will be helpful for everyone who wants to learn more and get an objective view about the Serenity Source Project.


Serenity Source

Serenity Source is a platform that aims to create an ecosystem, where every household is fitted with a renewable energy production and storage capabilities, a small-scale energy generator is connected to the distributed grid, and is part of a shared economy monetizing their planet caring through incentives and rewards. Serenity Source is a global platform created to use the blockchain technology to revolutionize the energy generation and energy trading with the major focus on the renewable energy sector. The Serenity Source process to solving to solve the energy generation and trading across the globe is unlike the conventional energy distribution that we used to know but is a different approach that will involve energy transaction sales, various energy trading, other support activities base on the blockchain technology. With the Serenity Source ecosystem, national electricity operators will be able to connect the platform, offering to stabilize the demand and supply of electricity power, relying on the subsidiary station, and to ensure a transforming of blockchain and renewables.

Problems associated with the Power Sector

The power sector today is facing the problem of moving from a centralized architecture with a minor number of large-scale energy suppliers (Coal, Gas, Hydro, and Nuclear) to a decentralized system of distribution Energy Resource (DER), which included solar and wind.

Another challenge facing the sector is the complexity in the regulations and the cost of entry. These are two major issues that are causing monopolies in the markets worldwide.

A substantial section of the renewables energy generated has been lost as a result of the power sector unable to excellently address the architectural change to renewables and decentralization.

The electricity generators are still faced with the challenging of balancing electricity generation and consumers demand and lack of transparency in the energy market trading and lack of rewards for reduction of energy usage. The end users bear the cost of insufficiencies power supplier which is not commensurate to the paying energy prices.

Across the world today, consumers of the electric power are interested to know the power, is generated, distribute and consumer so that they will have more control, but such avenue has not been granted them because of monopolies of the market.

The energy and building sectors have a direct correlation concerning energy usage and its loss.


The Serenity ecosystem will link the National Electricity Operator, offering the necessary stable between the consumer's demand and supply or generator of electricity power, relying on the subsidiary station, and to ensure a transforming of blockchain decentralization and renewables.

The energy generated in a particular region, will also be traded and consumed in that particular region with the lowest impact of the rest of the already established electricity architecture, eliminating high-voltage or low-voltage requesting situations and reducing the distribution or transmission loss that occurs because of long distances.

The Consumers members of the Serenity Source will have the opportunity to benefit via the lower price of electricity and getting a rewarding deal for generated and exported energy. There will be low administrative costs because the platform is built on blockchain technology and smart contract utilization.

Carbon credit will be for the rewarding of renewable energy generation.

The ledger structure distribution will offer protection and unchangeable proof of tokenized ownership of the asset and enhance a various energy market transactions executed via the set of smart contracts allowing a distrustful environment for all the members of the serenity community.


Features of the Platform

P2P Trading: This will transform centralized environment, where consumers do not have many choices, specially on local level, where locally produced energy could be traded between local parties. It will be an improvement for all parties, since local producers will be able to sell their energy, just as national energy providers. ERGON tokens will enable trading on a Serenity platform, with small transaction fees for exchange of ERGON to fiat.


Hepek: This stands for Harness of Energy Powered by Encrypted Kit. It is an IoT device that enable blockchain on the network and provide smart energy meter functionality. Hepek will be activated through ERGON tokens on the platform. This will be combined with Rapid Building System, that will be a project cornerstone for building of Carbon Negative, Net-zero homes.

Sources for revenue generation are as follow:

Ø Energy Retails Services

Ø Renewable Energy Production

Ø Carbon Credit Monetization

Ø Residential Property Sales and Lease

Ø Serenity Platform Transaction Processing Fees

Ø Interest on Capital Backing ERGON Tokens

Ø International Affiliates Licensing

The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Investing in this project will yield a high Return of Investment (ROI). As we can see the sources of revenue for the project, that will boost or enhance the return of investment. Supporting this project will help in a long way for the actualization of this great innovation. The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is currently ongoing in Sistemkoin exchange, you can visit their website below at the end of this write up for more info how you can be part of this great project.


Token Distribution

1% of pre-mined tokens will be available for sale, stage 1
5% of pre-mined tokens will be available for sale, stage 2
34% of pre-mined tokens will be available for sale, stage 3
5% of pre-mined tokens will be distributed through Air Drop, Bounties, Referrals, Marketing
40% of pre-mined tokens will be held in Treasury
15% of pre-mined tokens will be held by Founders and Core Team

The Serenity token economy is seen with three tokens – Serenity as a main token, Ergon as utility payment token and Carbon as utility award token.

  • Serenity token is pre-mined in quantity of 500 million, from which 40% is for sale, with 34% available for general sale. This token will fuel Serenity blockchain based economy and facilitate access to the platform. Redeemed Serenity tokens will be burned and taken out from the supply, which will have positive influence on token price;
  • Ergon as utility payment token will be pegged to local currency, generated when fiat is inserted into the platform by users and members;
  • Carbon will be stable coin, rewarded for CO2 reduction, which is backed by price of Carbon on the market.

Unique Team

The Serenity Source team comprises of topnotch professionals in their domains. They have ambitious goals  which will enable them to set new standards for the Market. To achieve this goal a strong Team is built with all the necessary skills, talents and long-time experience needed for the project. Most of the team members on Serenity Source have verified LinkedIn profiles. This is all good because the more transparency a company have in regard to their team, the more trustworthy they typically are.


This project will help to address the problem of excess billing in the energy consumption and also help the consumers to know much about energy generation, transmission and distribution. It is said that Serenity is connected to national energy providers, to provide balance between production and demand. The final goal is to transit to decentralized network and increase percent of renewable sources in the global network, but Serenity also sees local consumption of local produced energy, whenever it is possible, with all transactions recorded on the blockchain.

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