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You need to join the regularly developing community of ZED racehorse proprietors and stable supervisors, fantastic! Be that as it may, let us make some house keep off the beaten path first.


For the individuals who are new to the universe of racehorses or pure bloods, there are a couple of watchwords that you will regularly observe:

Stallion A male pure breed that has a posterity.

Mare A female pure breed that has a posterity.

Sire A dad pure breed.

Dam A mother pure breed.

Colt A virgin male pure breed.

Filly A virgin female pure breed.

Bloodline The DNA of your racehorse. There are four bloodlines altogether.

Genotype or ZED Type How far away your pure breed is from its predecessors.

Offspring When a male and female pure breed mate, they make a filly or a yearling, as it were, a posterity.

Gate Position where your pure blood will race from. (just around the corner!).

Buy-In In Purchasing a door position before a race (just around the corner!).

Before you start

First of all, before you can join and interface with the ZED community, you have to guarantee that you have the majority of the accompanying:

  1. a digital wallet
  2. accessible ether in the wallet you need to play with
  3. a Metamask account that is connected to your wallet
  4. chrome introduced as your internet browser for ideal execution

When you login with Metamask, you will be prepared to shake and roll. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, head over to our FAQ's first.

Jazzed Up

With the rudiments off the beaten path, we would now be able to jump into the five fundamental methods of ZED.

  1. Stable
  2. Auction Marketplace
  3. Stud Marketplace
  4. Race Roster
  5. Racing


The stable is the place all your own one of a kind racehorses and posterity live. Generally, the stable is your client account page where you can deal with your racehorses and see every one of their insights and exchanges on the blockchain.

From the steady, you will approach the majority of your pure breed's insights and the majority of your ongoing exchanges (for example pure blood buys and deals, reproducing exchanges and race results). Besides, you can legitimately send your pure bloods to the stud commercial center on the off chance that you need to breed them or to the sale commercial center on the off chance that you need to offer them, straightforwardly from the steady page.

Auction Marketplace

Purchasing a racehorse

The bartering commercial center is the main spot where you can purchase a pure breed.

In the closeout commercial center, a base save cost is set by the client needing to offer their pure breed and will pitch to the most elevated bidder toward the finish of the bartering.

Clients who place an offer on a pure blood, if you don't mind note that you can't reclaim your offer.

Pure bloods are comprised of different qualities. Every trademark influences the general estimation of the pure breed, so you have to consider when choosing what is a decent pure breed to offer on. All pure breeds recorded available to be purchased will demonstrate the accompanying attributes:

  • Name Name of the thoroughbred
  • Bloodline There are four bloodlines, each with varying levels of rarity
  • Genotype This is the ZED XXX number. The ZED number refers to how far away the horse is from its ancestors.
  • Place History Race results of the thoroughbred
  • Race Starts How many times the thoroughbred has ran
  • Offspring The total number of offsprings the thoroughbred has
  • Progeny Number of times offspring have finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Selling a thoroughbred

In the event that you have a pure blood that you wish to sell, you can choose which pure breed you need to unload. When chosen, you basically need to pick your base hold cost and let the ZED community choose the amount they are happy to pay for it. When you place your pure breed available to be purchased, you can't pull back it from the commercial center until the offering time has passed. In the event that your pure blood is in the closeout commercial center, it won't be qualified to take an interest in a race, when live Racing dispatches in mid 2019.

Stud Marketplace

The stud commercial center is the place rearing happens. On the off chance that you possess a male pure blood, you can enter the stud ranch and acquire cash if a female pure blood concludes that she needs to mate with you.

Proprietors of female pure bloods can enter the stud commercial center and select which male pure blood they need to breed with. Much the same as in the bartering commercial center, female pure bloods will need to breed with male pure breed's that have more grounded qualities, reproducing history and race history so as to have a more prominent possibility of making a race prepared posterity.

The female pure breed will pay the rearing charge, with most of that expense setting off to the male pure blood. In any case, it is the female pure breed that will keep the posterity.

Every single rearing cost are set by the male pure blood, where ZED takes a 10% charge so as to make the posterity.

Female pure breeds need to mull over the male pure bloods profile before settling on a choice. The estimation of the posterity you are going to make will rely upon the both, the male and females pure blood profiles as these are passed down to its posterity. A pure breed profile is basically the qualities of some random pure blood, for example, genotype, bloodline, race wins, shading, precursors bloodline and race begins.

Racing (coming soon)

Racing in ZED is energizing and exceptional. A sum of close to twelve pure breeds will race in each race. Eight pure breeds will be chosen indiscriminately by means of a lottery, with 4 spots accessible to clients who wish to 'purchase in' into a race. The up front investment cost will fluctuate contingent upon the sort of race. Races are part into three classes:

  • Group I
  • Group II
  • Group III
    Group I races are the most looked for after and add a more noteworthy heritage to your racehorse.

Race Schedule (coming soon)

Races are booked by ZED and thusly the measure of races and race times will vary. The race plan page will demonstrate forthcoming races and which pure bloods are running. You will likewise have the capacity to become tied up with a race on the off chance that you can't hold on to be haphazardly chosen!


Eight of the twelve entryways in each ZED race will be decide by a lottery style choice procedure. Eight steeds from the ZED community will be picked haphazardly to go into each race. The staying four spots will be accessible by means of a compensation to race framework.

Buy-in / Pay to Race

From the race plan page, any race that you click on will demonstrate to you what pure bloods have been chosen to race. On the off chance that your pure blood has not been chosen to race, you can pay to race. There will be four accessible pay to race doors accessible as of recently preceding the initiation of each race. The four most noteworthy pay to race bidders will be picked to race. Offering closes 5 minutes before each race. On the off chance that the compensation to race doors are not filled, no extra pure bloods will race.

The ZED community is your greatest resource. Here you will discover different clients needing to purchase, sell and breed their pure bloods just as staying informed concerning any new highlights that will be added to ZED. Join the ZED strife channel now!

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