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On account of the quick improvement of Blockchain innovation, man-made consciousness and IoT, it is currently conceivable to make a M2M economy in which communication is done specifically between different savvy gadgets utilizing IoT sensors. Such innovation makes it conceivable to totally wipe out the centralization and support of middle people in all circles and to guarantee the progress of humankind to a higher expectation for everyday comforts.

Notwithstanding, to execute this thought, it is fundamental that the majority of the above innovations connect inside a solitary system equipped for handling the colossal stream of information transmitted from more than one billion gadgets. Tragically, to date, no arrangement joining the majority of the above innovations has been displayed.

That is the reason project called Wise Network was created, which will most likely give mankind a wide range of highlights that were already inaccessible.

Wise Project Objective

The fundamental objective of Wise Network proect designers is to give higher quality administrations to each individual in totally any field.

Wise Principle of Operation

To actualize this assignment, the task designers have made their own gadget that joins man-made brainpower, Blockchain innovation, just as the IOT sensor, called Wise's ANSUZ Chip. This gadget will comprise of:

  • A CPU facilitated on a Board running Linux with various connectors that enables you to associate with different gadgets;
  • digital currency motor that gives stockpiling of private keys to access the wallet, just as gadget collaboration with Wise Blockchain;
  • a neural processor to accelerate tasks inside neural systems.

Completely all gadgets of Wise's ANSUZ Chip will exchange data to its own system of the MESH Network platform, where information will be prepared by man-made consciousness fit for perceiving code, writings and discourse. The gathered information will be dissected and contrasted with information from different gadgets with improve the following activities of the system member.

In the wake of finishing the advancement procedure, the member will most likely get various proposals that can be connected in an assortment of territories:

  • vehicle Parking (the framework will almost certainly offer the proprietors of the gadgets the closest Parking spaces and pay for their utilization);
  • load transportation (the framework will choose the best course, limiting the expense of conveyance, administrative work and traditions);
  • planting and reaping (in view of information From IOT sensors on the condition of the dirt and the climate on a given day, the framework can give proposals that enable ranchers to get the most extreme advantage);
  • treatment of patients (subsequent to examining the indications and contrasting every known instance of treatment of illnesses, the framework can give suggestions to the treatment of an infection).

Note that all information gathered by gadgets and transmitted to the system of this task will be completely shielded by wEYE framework from changes by outsiders, which will guarantee their dependability. This framework guarantees information encryption, yet additionally the security of the association and the system itself.

The designers said that the chip Wise's ANSUZ Chip will be exhibited in a few renditions:

  • as a chip mounted in the SIM card for cell phones and SD-drives (which will give proprietors of devices a ton of new highlights);
  • as chips for cell phones (motherboards);
  • as little secret elements.

Brilliant contracts will be utilized to perform completely all tasks inside this site. For this situation, the primary methods for installment that enables you to purchase items and information will be WSE tokens, the buy of which will be conceivable amid the ICO.

Wise ICO Details

Pre-sale coins will be held in period from nineteenth April to nineteenth June and people in general from the nineteenth July to the 30th of September. Amid this period, the designers expect to actualize WSE for a sum of $ 90 million.

You can purchase coins for Fiat cash, just as for BTC and ETH coins.


Final Thoughts

Insightful Network gets each opportunity to end up a venture that can change the fate of humanity. It will make another model of financial relations M2M, in which all activities will be completed as fast as would be prudent and without delegates, which will fundamentally lessen the expense of individuals. Additionally, Wise Network will upgrade all activities of individuals, in this manner conveying them to an on a very basic level new dimension of life, furnishing an individual with considerably more leisure time.

In the event that effective, the arrangements of this project will progress toward becoming as vital piece of human life as cell phones. In this way, putting resources into its advancement today can acquire tremendous benefits what's to come.

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