CURA NETWORK: The Global Decentralized Health System

By and by, I am satisfied to understand that the subject of general health has turned out to be considerably more continuous in numerous media sources, Internet entryways and even among innovative virtuosos. Health is the most that neither eat, the principle wellspring of our life, don't be it and you as of now ends up a long way from critical whether you live in a gigantic house or in a little house in the town, on the off chance that you have a cool vehicle or not. All these material products lose all their importance. As the bliss of a man who quite a while in the past stopped to rely upon them.

To keep up the health of an individual can be in various ways, we actually discussed them yesterday, yet for the individuals who are not in the point once more. To keep up their health, an individual must eat appropriately and adjusted, move more and obviously consistently direct restorative examinations, so that in the beginning periods it was conceivable to reason the root of a sickness.


In any case, there is one little issue that does not enable numerous individuals to get quality and auspicious therapeutic consideration. Frequently this is because of the way that an individual does not live in a vast city and he doesn't have the chance to routinely visit the facility. Or then again, despite what might be expected, an individual has the chance, however he can not get a not too bad therapeutic examination, since the drug of his nation or district is ineffectively created and has establishes solidly established in the old procedure.

Obviously, I am discussing progress that has not influenced everybody. There are nations where medication is growing quickly. Restorative foundations have since quite a while ago changed to as good as ever gear, have top of the line staff and numerous different things, which most likely don't have 70% of every other nation and States. I think many will concur with me that the leads for the nature of health care are nations, for example, Switzerland and Israel.

In any case, once more, the inquiry emerges how to be a customary individual who can't go up until now and pay such cash for their strategies. The arrangement of these issues was not all that troublesome and blocked off. Women and noble men, I am happy to display you another innovative project – CURA NETWORK.

About Cura Network

CURA NETWORK is a decentralized medicinal platform of another age, which consolidates completely all portions of health care, from the patients themselves, to all the vital therapeutic experts and analysts, just as insurance agencies and other restorative administrations.

In basic terms, the CURA NETWORK is an ecosystem in which all the fundamental associations to help and reestablish the health of every patient will participate and contribute. On account of present day and decentralized advancements, the improvement group figured out how to accomplish an amazing and solid database framework, which will get all the data about the patient's health, his examinations and other therapeutic reports from the main masters of the platform.

Cura Network Design Feature

Note that all patients will have elite rights to allow or boycott their information for the chose gathering of people. This will normally enable patients to regard privacy and secure their property rights.

On the off chance that we talk about the extra advantages, for patients they are all that could possibly be needed:

  • to begin with, all patients will have fast and dependable access to their databases, which will store their whole restorative history;
  • furthermore, they will almost certainly get extra data about arrangements, endorsing any drugs from the specialist, etc every minute of every day;
  • thirdly, the patient will approach a gigantic therapeutic ecosystem that will help him not exclusively to screen his health, yet in addition to give all the prescribed methodology to its upkeep and recuperation;
  • fourth, the CURA NETWORK will give an individual personality to all experts, so you can see the expert status of every individual specialist, his experience and input from his patients. In the meantime, the framework won't restrain you in time and you will probably get continuous counsel from the most exceptional medicinal health experts;
  • what's more, fifthly, you will at long last lose the concealed installment plans for medicinal administrations, as all installment exchanges inside the CURA NETWORK will be completed to the detriment of the inner token and straightforward blockchain innovation.

Cura Network Advantages

With respect to the turn around side of the decoration, for restorative experts, CURA NETWORK has additionally arranged a genuinely substantial number of favorable circumstances in which masters and providers:

  • have the capacity to legitimately share their reasonable and expert experience, share advances and revelations;
  • gain admittance to a full, genuine and straightforward health history of every patient. Where it will be difficult to adulterate certain information and the pro will most likely more accurately plan the determination to his patient and endorse all essential treatment measures;
  • likewise, specialists in their grasp will at last get advantageous work assets, where progressively they will probably do their obligation, treat and help individuals;
  • in this straightforward manner to get each benefit or reward for their work done.

This and substantially more great anticipates all researchers, analysts, designers of restorative hardware and different experts in this field.

Cura Network Innovation

For accommodation, the authors of the CURA NETWORK have built up a helpful and instinctive portable application that will do cryptographic distinguishing proof with their versatile customer. To do this, the patient will just need to experience a simple and speedy enrollment, and afterward fortify the information entered in the register, his unique mark.

Next, the application itself will force on the entirety of your information all the fundamental security keys and hashes, so that everything is put away in the most solid and secure way. The application can be introduced on a gadget, that is, both on Android and iOS.

Cura Network Token

Since the project itself is a lot of advancements and one of them is decentralized and dependent on blockchain innovation, at that point normally there will be an inner token inside the framework that will guarantee the development and installment of every single budgetary exchange to pay for therapeutic administrations, and any interviews of pros. The coin itself is created based on the Ethereum blockchain, ERC20 standard and has its short name – CUR. Altogether, 500 million coins will be apportioned for the advancement of the framework.

Final Thoughts

On the off chance that we talk about the project overall, its idea is near me, since I have since quite a while ago trusted that it is the ideal opportunity for mankind to begin its advancement the restorative way. That is to create and carry with the assistance of new and present day advances the condition of health of the whole world society to another, better dimension. Even more, that for this presently there is all instruments. I trust that the CURA NETWORK is a clear case of when you can get quality and tolerable restorative consideration paying little heed to where you live and what nationality you have a place with.

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