BeatzCoin: Revolutionizing The Way We Interact With Digital Content

VibraVid is a platform for makers to transfer, store, market, rent and pitch their substance to clients with the additional advantages of having the capacity to crowdfund and offer stock and occasion tickets straightforwardly to their supporters and fans.

BeatzCoin is a cryptographic money which is the trading of significant worth on the VibraVid platform. Together, VibraVid and BeatzCoin give an ecosystem that permits makers and clients a methods for trade, shared, for merchandise, administrations, through bounties, and as prizes. Both, clients and makers, are compensated for their support by accepting BeatzCoin, which they can use to buy content, fan stock and occasion tickets, just as to advance their very own substance.

More than 600,000 hours of video content and 18,000 hours of music is transferred to the real free gushing administrations on the web day by day for buyers to view and tune in to 1. This makes it extraordinarily troublesome for a rising maker to be taken note. Making top notch content requires time and assets, as contents advertising.

A confusing circumstance emerges wherein the maker is compelled to spurn creation for showcasing and publicizing. Rather than utilizing time and ability to deliver inventive works, the maker turns into an advertiser, bringing about an enormous measure of low quality substance made accessible to clients, who, thusly, lose intrigue.

With BeatzCoin at the focal point of VibraVid, we can offer the two clients and makers another method for gaining cash for making, watching, or tuning in to what they cherish. While publicizing isn't a relic of past times, we trust that clients ought to almost certainly choose in the event that they need to see adverts, and makers ought to most likely choose whether, and how every now and again, notices are shown amid the term of their substance.

A portion of the ways VibraVid clients will acquire BeatzCoin are:

  • Joining to the VibraVid platform
  • Locking their tokens
  • Partaking in bounties
  • Picking to watch paid to see (PTV) ads
  • Contending in every day and week after week challenges

A portion of the manners in which makers on the VibraVid platform will acquire BeatzCoin are:

  • Having their substance watched or tuned in to
  • Having the most perspectives in a chose period
  • Enabling paid to see (PTV) ads on their content
  • Getting tips from watchers
  • Crowdfunding on our platform

Innovation and Security
The three essential parts of BeatzCoin are the Video/Audio Streaming, Payment Incentivization, and License and Distribution Control.

VibraVid expects to construct a reward structure for getting to, watching and tuning in to content while considering the permitting control of the substance to be held straightforwardly by the maker.

This will at last secure substance suppliers and their substance to guarantee that they can possess and circulate their material however they pick.

Token Structure
VibraVid will hold a starter Token Trading Event, and a Main Token Trading Event. The primer will be reported in August, 2018 and will keep running until October 15, 2018. The Main Event will be isolated into three phases. Each stage will offer 400 million BeatzCoin and will keep going for 30 days. Should the tokens exhaust before the multi day time span is finished, the round will end and the following round will start. The principal phase of the Main Event is booked for 31 March 2019, with stage two and three starting on 30 April 2019 and 31 May 2019 individually.

Distribution of Tokens


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