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Дом, в котором жил Пушкин


This is the Fontanka River embankment between Lermontovsky Avenue and Repin Square. I have already told you about the sculptures on the balcony of the pink house, they are very unusual. The same day I was photographing these sculptures, I took a few more shots of the house, which is a little farther away and I want to tell you a little bit about this house now too. It's a green house, its address is Fontanka Embankment, 185. In the photo below you can see it better:


The great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin lived in this house in 1817-1820. He settled in this house, in the apartment of his parents, after the end of the Lyceum. He was then 18 years old. It is known that Pushkin's apartment consisted of seven rooms, some of the rooms overlooked the Fontanka, the rest of the rooms overlooked into the courtyard. The Pushkin apartment is supposed to be on the second floor.


There is an apartment-museum of Pushkin in St. Petersburg. This is the poet's last apartment on the Moika River embankment. There is also a museum in the Lyceum, where Pushkin studied. But the house on the Fontanka embankment is still a regular house. I've always wondered how people feel now living in the great poet's apartment.




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Camera Pentax K-r
Lens Pentax SMC FA 35mm f/2.0
Location Saint Petersburg, Russia

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