Внимание!!! airdrops скам!!!!!!eosGAS Airdrop program 10,000 eosGAS

Внимание!!! airdrops СКАМ!!!!!!СКАМ!!!!eosGAS Airdrop program 10,000 eosGAS
Приходит письмо, просят указать - подтвердить данные,а все сводится к тому, что нужно указать приватный ключ к кошельку эфира.

Пример письма : We are pleased to announce the success of the eosGAS Airdrop!
Token distribution and exchange listings are currently being scheduled by our team to make sure eosGAS gets listed before 1st August, 2018 as specified on the project development Road Map.

At the mean time, you are required to complete your KYC verification process to qualify you for the token distribution.

Complete KYC

Please note that the KYC verification process is live now and will close in 3 days.
A mail will be sent across to everyone who registered for the Airdrop once Token distribution begins.

eosGAS Team.

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