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While the internet seems to be a central part of everyone’s life, it’s hard to imagine that there are many businesses that are still not online because there is no internet service available, or building a conventional web site is too complex as it means learning technology, engaging consultants and incurring a monthly expense. This is easy to understand for the developing world, but it is worth noting that even in the USA with all the available infrastructure and support, GoDaddy reports that over 50% of small businesses have no websites or Facebook pages.

Bank of America / Merrill Lynch has identified this segment as an untapped market of billions that represent about $56 trillion E-commerce market for these billions of people who are primarily without full internet services.

The Zypcoin system caters to the large market segment that currently does not have an online presence, which currently includes about 45% of the world which lacks internet service, plus a segment that has internet but lacks necessary resources. Having an online presence is a critical requirement in today’s markets — regardless the size of the company — because consumers want to research a person or business online before they call. However, for a variety of reasons, a majority of the global workforce does not have an online presence. Zypcoin solves this problem by providing simple online pages and E-commerce for the “Rest of world”.

Recent US government statistics show that 54% of small businesses (16 million) in the US do not have a web site; add consultants and freelancers (estimated at 55 million) and the number is significantly larger. So making a call and, for example, having business hours automatically displayed would be a powerful convenience and major time saver.

Around the world the amounts are even higher. Currently the “informal work force” is estimated at least 60% of all workers worldwide. While about half of the world’s 7.5 billion people do not have internet access, in contrast, there are over 6.5 billion mobile subscriptions.

This is a well deserving and valuable market segment. These artisans work hard and produce a product or service but have limited access to technology; but all substantially have a mobile phone.

This is an unusual moment and an unusual opportunity. The historically best opportunities are when the technology hits a large open white space market whose time has come. The global informal market has become comfortable with technology and understands its power and application. ZYPLINE benefits from these new market realities; this is the target market and sweet spot for its Zypcoin token offering.

One of the major values and unique advantages of the Zypcoin is its versatility and unlimited uses within its ecosystem and as well in other markets adjacent to the Zypcoin ecosystem. Zypcoin plans to continuously design and install projects and programs to be certain that the issued Zypcoin tokens will be usable in many different aspects of the Zypcoin ecosystem.

Systems will be developed to distribute tokens based on various contributions to the network and user kits and instructions will be available to all users and visitors in the Zypcoin ecosystem. This will be a key objective and part of the initial planning effort. Zypcoin has development plans that are summarized elsewhere in our materials. These programs will be direct and indirect, as well as spontaneously and created totally by users in the Zypcoin ecosystem. Several plans are already in place, the following are examples of some of the programs that are planned.


This is a cryptocurrency which is based on the Ethereum blockchain which will serve as a medium of exchange for the Zypcoin ecosystem. Zypcoin is an ERC20 standard token which establishes a common set of rules for tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The borderless nature of cryptocurrencies allows for value to be exchanged within minutes using just a user’s mobile phone. Because of this, Zypcoin will serve to tokenize a user’s mobile number, and will allow the user to purchase supplies, services, and products within the Zypline network.

Zypcoin is built on the Zypline patented connection-engine platform which provides a one-step direct connection to any online page from any user-controlled index (e.g. mobile number). The user has total control of index assignment. Zypline is not a search engine and it is a connection engine.
The ZYPLINE platform plans to issue a new "app-token" in order to repurpose and upgrade existing applications and systems, and deploy a unique distributor/agent strategy that matches the needs and processes of the sector (each being a "Zypcoin" or "Token" ).
The owners of phone numbers have control of displayed data because Zypcoin does not aggregate generally available data that can be collected on the internet (which can often be inaccurate or stale). Rather it gives the owner of a phone number total control of what is displayed on callers’ screens when the caller places a phone call to their number. The phone number owner uploads or authorizes an upload of content to the Zypcoin server and functionally says: “if anyone calls my number, display this content on their screen”
With the introduction of the Zypcoin token, it will serve to tokenize a user’s mobile number, allowing them to conduct e-commerce, promote their business, send and receive real value, and manage their own personal wallet or profile. The result will enable this large and underserved market to benefit from the online business, product and service displays and to participate in global e-commerce with just their mobile number and without the expense and hassle of a website. The borderless nature of cryptocurrencies as well as the widespread adoption of mobile phones allows for unique opportunities which have yet to be fully explored.
This is a well deserving and valuable market segment made up of artisans and sole proprietors who work hard and offer products or services but may have limited access to technology. Most of them, however, own a mobile phone.
The team members believe that Zypcoins will be the only way to establish online pages attracted to a mobile phone number. Users wanting to create their page on Zypcoin would be required to purchase through the Zypcoin website, application, or through an approved Zypstation or partner, who can transfer fiat to Zypcoin in real-time and establish a Zypline page in minutes. One of the major values and unique advantages of Zypcoin is that its versatility and unlimited potential are used within the ecosystem and in the adjacent Zypline network. The Systems will probably be developed to distribute tokens based on various contributions to the network. Additionally, the user kits and instructions will be available to inform all participants of how they can benefit the ecosystem and how Zypcoin can benefit them.


The roadmap framework of the Zypcoin is strategic in nature. The platform outlines a defined market plan outline having (established user base, enhance network segments, and expand market framework). Furthermore, it has a tagged "Posting and distribution framework", a flyer e-commerce segment plan, acquisitions and token roll ups segments. This strategic framework segments are well detailed at www.zypcoinpresale.com) for more read-ups and updates. Hence, its diagrammatic roadmap is depicted on the figure one(1) below.


Ray, co-founder and CEO, a senior executive and entrepreneur in the global IT marketplace is currently leading the team. An early entrepreneur, he developed and sold several software companies. His global experience has been in the ERP sector and after a successful IPO, he relocated to Paris and made several acquisitions, building and heading up European Operations. He has significant experience in building companies and reengineering marketing and sales teams.

Global Distribution
Steve head of global distribution and training. 25 years experience in Silicon Valley high-tech from start-ups to large companies. Focus has been on driving revenue & competitive advantages- USA & international – for disruptive technologies. Manage and launch corporate innovation projects, esp. FinTech, enterprise, IoT, AI, energy. Coached and mentored many startups and later stage companies. Designed innovation programs: product design, validate, go-to-market, and B2B Sales & marketing training

Marcus, CTO. Marcus has over 20 years of technical experience system development working with most data bases and programming languages. He is currently responsible for all technical design and development at Zypcoin. He was involved in large scalable systems. He was co-founder at a Rentech and developed a new POS system that managed. The company grew to 160 employees and had thousands of installations acquired 2008 by Bematech. He also founded Eagle Ray Technology developed Signax, a digital signage solution.

Business Development
Matthew has over 11 years’ experience in marketing and entrepreneurship by starting new business in multiple markets such as Equity/Debt Crowdfunding, ICO’s, Matthews success comes from strategic operations and management and marketing. Over the past few of developing dozens of strategic funding portal business models he now focuses on utilizing today’s new rules and regulations for the soliciting of Reg D and Reg A offerings. His past work has supported clients in raising over $65 million across multiple markets.

Business Development
Shahid has over 30 years of experience in strategic planning, and corporate development and financial. He has an extensive network of family offices, venture capital, private equity, fund of funds and sovereign wealth throughout the world. His current focus: FinTech, Blockchain, ICOs especially for global impact.

Product Manager
Gilles’ professional headline is: “Deriving order and predictability out of chaos”. He has over 30 years of hands-on experience in high-tech, developing software, managing international projects, programs, teams and customers. He lived on 3 continents and worked in 7 countries for companies ranging from startups to multi-nationals. He has served as Director of PMO, Quality Assurance, Operations, Software Development, and as VP of the Silicon Valley chapter of AUVSI. Gilles has an MBA/DESS from Université de Technologie de Compiègne and a degree in Project Management from PMI/George Washington University.

Director Marketing
Network Development & E-commerce
Bobby will direct the development and expansion of the Zypcoin network. He is an experienced ICO advisor, and investor with a successful history of working in the financial services and blockchain industry. He has a deep understanding of the details necessary to create and support global complex networks and structure business models for success. Formerly he was a Financial Securities Advisor, Bobby holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Finance from Concordia University as well as a Diplôme d’études collégiales (College Degree) focused in Accounting.

Director Marketing
Community Outreach
Jason leads community outreach, brand protection and social media monitoring. He has significant experience in advising and consulting on all aspects of ICO development. He has successfully supported and managed multiple ICO’s His experience includes the entire ICO process from building communities and the social network to assisting in the marketing strategies needed to create global communities.








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