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Worldopoly is a real-time multi-player strategy game that implements blockchain and augmented reality into a world building simulation. it provides an economic incentive as well compelling gameplay through the implementation of its own cryptocurrency WPT. Below are the 3 outstanding characteristics that makes Worldopoly unique in mobile gaming.

Real time – real world
• The player can buy real streets in real cities (underlying technology: Google Maps/openstreetmaps).

RTS + AR + Blockchain = endless opportunities
• Worldopoly is the first mobile game that implements blockchain technology in compelling gameplay, therefore, creating an insightful understanding of blockchain.
• Augmented reality makes it possible to actually “see” one’s in-game progress.
• With the introduction of the WPT there is real money to be made playing the game.

Worldopoly is a real-time multiplayer game strategy that implements blockchain and augmented reality into a world development simulation. It provides economic incentives and gameplay that appeal to WPT cryptocurrency itself. Here are 3 different features of the Unique World War in mobile games.

Worldopoly: playable innovation

Combining AR, Blockchain and Geopositioning Worldopoly provides a unique gameplay experience that enhances mobile gaming from its current limitations. While other games focus on either AR or world building, blockchain or gameplay. Worldopoly purposefully integrates all technologies into one. Every implemented feature has its unique purpose. With AR you experience the game in real life, Blockchain provides an advanced level of security and Geopositioning brings the cities of the world onto your device.

Game game match

By revealing more than 40% of the market, this mobile game is the most profitable sector of the gaming industry. Generate mobile devices in their capabilities, as well as games. The recent introduction of ARKit by Apple in 2017 Keynote they are given a new milestone in App-Development. By using these steps in App-Development via AR-games, Apple also proves where they see the dominance of this technology.

Mobile games are not just industry games, but also mobile device markets. With 75% of revenue in the iOS App Store and 90% of the Google Play Store, mobile games contribute most of the revenue in 2016. By 2017, mobile apps generate more than $ 46 billion in revenue, market prices from 39% (2016) to 42%.

This Asian market is the largest for mobile games with 47% or ($ 51.2 Billion). Naturally by China, at an exchange rate of 53.7% ($ 27.5 Billion) with total revenue. Followed by North America (25% or $ 27.0 billion) and Europe, MiddleEast and Africa (24% or $ 26.2 billion), 47% Asia 25%, North America 25%, Europe & Africa, 4% Others.


There are different kinds of Players interaction in Worldopoly:


• Generation additional income for the player by „walking” on his streets.
• Collecting coins from other players who haven’t managed to collect them on time.


• Damaging – other players buildings using purchased vandalism items (e.g. Molotov Cocktails, Hired Gangsters, Bug-Infections etc.) using the VR-Extension.
• Raiding – other players by using the the AR-Extension and connecting with other „raid-partners“.


• Trading with other players using the market place.
• Joining Clans in order to interact and finance big expensive projects together.
• Build political movements, influencing the economic situation of Worldopoly’s universe.

Worldopoly Token

The Worldopoly Token (WPT) is the in-game currency that exists along with Gold and Coins. All transactions with WPT will occur through blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology was chosen as the basis of Worldopoly’s economic system because it will ensure transparency of all in-game operations and provide the players community with an additional level of security.


  • Game Currency
    Use WPT tokens to purchase the project’s main estimated local currency called Coins
  • Base currency at auctions
    The main currency for buying or selling items at auctions

        • Advertisement placement
          Payment for advertisements for placement on objects owned by players
        • Exchange for real money
          Purchase of a unique building, released for a event and as a reward in competitions
        • Events and competitions
          WPT-tokens allow users to exchange on-site resources an in-game currency for real money
        • Access to additional functionality
          Use advanced game functions and open hidden locations

      The token WPT will act as the accounting unit used to represent the digital balance in the business model of the project. Accounting tokens will be supported in a database based on blockchain technology, selected as the basis of the project’s economic system, as it will ensure transparency of all operations within the game and provide players with additional security levels.

      Worldopoly issues a Token type ERC 20 named WPT. Join ICO as well as earn Bonus during this ICO period. Bonus program will be available while ICO. Which introduces participants to two types of bonuses: additional tokens and in-game benefits.

      Referral programs will also be provided in the ICO section. Users, inviting other investors through an exclusive referral link will get a bonus.

      • Token Name: WPT
      • Token Supplay: 200.000.000
      • 150,000,000 Available for sale
      • 20.000.000 Will be available at pre sale with discount up to 35%
      • Price per Worldopoly Token (WPT) 0.12 $
      • ERC Standard 20 Token (Etereum)
      • Private sales will close on 30 March 2018.

        • Join exclusive sales on the website: and enjoy fantastic bonuses. The presales begin on April 26, 2018 and finish on May 17, 2018 with all the bonuses. The minimum amount of investment for presale sales and absolute sales is 0.01ETH = 0.001BTC.

        ROAD MAP

        • [2015 - 2016 - 2017]
          The game engine and the server part of the app are developed.
          The game interface is created. Elements of augmented reality are integrated.
        • [2018 May]
          New in-game objects and auction for their sale will take place
        • [2018 August]
          Introduction of the function of token exchange between players and the creation
          of an internal crypto currency exchange (centralized input-output to the real currency eur/usd)
        • [2018 - September]
          Launch of in-game chat and push notifications about important game events, for example,
          when someone bought the most expensive building (similar function implemented in Pokémon Go,
          when player receive info about the appearance of a rare Pokémon)
        • [2018- December]
          Users will be able to receive revenue from advertising placed on their own game objects,
          as well as place their own advertising.
        • [2019 - February]
          New features, new options for in-game buildings improving,
          new methods of interaction between players, as well as unique objects.
        • [2019 - April]
          AI integration. Smart Assistant launch (it can give recommendations and reminders to users,
          and also help them to understand game better).
          Text commands one off actions (building repair, building improvement, etc.) function introduction
        • [2019 - September]
          Personalization for end users and advertisers.
        • [2019 December- 2020 April]
          April 2020 - Adding the opportunity to purchase resources
          and new types of facilities for urban improvement.
        • [2020 October]
          Civilizations creation, significant game world expansion,
          adding the feature of creating your own currency within the city.

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