SKYFCHAIN PLATFORM: blockchain based business to robots system.

Unmanned cargo robots in the air, on the ground and at the sea can dramatically reduce cost of logistics worldwide and increase efficiency forindustrialusers andend customers.While PwChave estimatedaddressable market size for airborne dronesaloneto be $127 bn.1, the current industry limitations includinglack of stable credit, costly insurance and near-prohibitive regulations in some countriesdo not allow it torealizeits full potential. Currently, this industry exists in form of feasibility studies carried out by large corporations or startups.Universal operating platform for the cargo robots doesnot exist.

SKYFchainOperatingPlatform is thefirst B2R(business-to-robots)blockchain based operatingplatform applicable globally inall sectors of a developing cargo roboticsindustry. It will be initially developed and tested by using the first industrial cargo airborne robot –SKYFdrone –which will also give SKYFchain instant access to its client base for development of unmanned business processes.Later all other unmanned cargo systems: in the air, on the ground and at the seawill be connectedto SKYFchain.The first feedback from our customers in oil and gas industry confirms that if they switch from helicopters to cargo dronesthey can supply their on-shore rigs with 5 to 10 times less cost.SKYFchainas ablockchainwith built-insmart contracts will providetrusted source of data and reasonable control over unmanned assets for clients, logistics operators, insurance and leasing companies, banks,andauthorities worldwide.It will unveil new profitable business opportunitiesfor all industry participants, transportation systemwith lower risk for the society, and increasedoverall affordability of goods and services due to substantial cost cutting in the global supply chain.


  • Aerial application of chemicals ; use of pesticides, fertilizers, pest control, organic fertilizers, etc.
  • Precipitation management  in summer and winter (accumulation of snow in fields, decrease of snow in cities), fire prevention and extinguishing
  • Forestry ; fast planting of seedlings in biodegradable capsules for the restoration of large forest areas after deforestation, fires, etc.
  • Logistics in oil and gas ; delivery of goods weighing 50–100 kg (food, spare parts, measuring equipment).
  • Postal Logistics ; delivery of goods weighing 20–100 kg (individual or assembled) from the terminal logistics centers to hard-to-reach residential areas
  • Marine Logistics ; delivery of medium-sized cargo (spare parts, mail, etc.) to ships at sea or on the move (makes it possible to significantly save time and fuel)
  • Geodetic works ; remote sensing with the use of professional radars of the terrain (weighing 30–50 kg) e.g., for the construction of power lines, roads, and pipelines
  • Emergency Situations like delivery of food, rescue equipment and medicine to natural disaster locations, evacuation of the injured in distress at sea.

Investors Benefits

Access to the SKYF drone
Clients will be able to rent the services of the drone which is a new kind of drone vehicle. It is a hybrid, high-performing, gasoline-fuelled vehicle, capable of vertical take-offs and landing, with a useful load of up to 400 kg and a flying range of up to 350 km/220 miles

Benefit from the Community Development Fund

20% of the revenue from the first 1,000 SKYF drones will be reserved to purchase existing SKYFT tokens from the market. This will then be used to reward partners and developers of the SKYFT blockchain.
Ongoing revenue from platform operations

Mission planning, verification and operations support will be run through the SKYFchain blockchain. This, in turn, will generate user fees that will remit to token holders.

SKYFchain is a part of unmanned logistics operations for SKYF drone clients


SKYFchain is a spin-off of the successful SKYF drone project

The market for air-borne cargo robots (drones)

$127bn –that’s how muchPWCestimatedthe total addressable value of drone powered solutions to be in all applicable industries. Exponential investments growth into the sector has already began.

$100bn –is the service market sizefor SKYF dronein agriculture, logistics, and infrastructure (see Annex 4 for details).During the first three years it is expected that SKYFchain would service clients of SKYF drones in these industries.

Project roadmap

  • 2018

SKYFchain project spin-off from the SKYF project;
-research intothe most suitable technology and development of a private blockchainnetwork;•Development of logic and data ofthe SKYFchain OPin tight cooperation with all cargo robotics market stakeholders (hardware producers, operators/clients, authorities, banks/leasing companies);
-creation of the international legal structure;
-sale of the first assembled SKYF drones and expansion of the partner networkin the regions without strict regulationsondrone flights (CIS, Asia, and Africa).

  • 2019

-Dissemination of theprivate block chainnetwork nodes among market participants;
-launch of the with a franchise of a drone logistics operator and a license for third-party drone producers.

  • 2020

-rapid growth inSKYF drone sales, as a consequence of expansion of the franchise of a drone logistics operator and growth of number of licensed drone producers around the world;
-start of educational campaign and workshops for producers of other types of drones.

  • 2021-2022

-inclusion of third-party airborne drones into the SKYFchain;
-lobbying for new regulations in developed marketsthrough industry associations and round-tables.

  • 2023 –2025

-inclusion of ground and sea-bornecargo robotsinto the system.


During ICO we will issue 1200000000 SKYFT tokens,which will be used in SKYFchain to facilitate all internal transactions.We expect that value of SKYFT mayincrease over time because of two main drivers:

1.More and more companies, clients, financial institutions will be connected to SKYFchain which will drive the growth of transactionsin SKYFchain and demand onSKYFT.

2.For every SKYFchain transaction whether it’s getting loan to buy unmanned vehicle, client payment or something else SKYFchain will charge some commission. 25%of commissions will go to SKYFT holders.

SKYFT is the internal currency of the SKYFchain Operating System.


Symbol: SKYFT

Type: ERC20

Min. purchase: 3000 SKYFT

ICO end price: 1 SKYFT = 0.065 USD

Accepted Currencies: ETH and BTC

Token Sale

Pre-Sale: Ended!!!


Start: March 10th

End date: June 15th

Visit to purchase token, 10% Discount currently liv

  • 44% Crowdsale
  • 15% Network Development Fund
  • 10% Community Development Fund
  • 9.5% Reserve
  • 1.5% Bounty Fund
  • 20% Team












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